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Saturday, February 18, 2017

February BookCase.Club

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You know what's the best thing about subscription boxes? The surprise of opening that box each month and seeing something new. It's like Christmas each and every time. For me, as a bibliophile, receiving books every month really is like Christmas. I know sometimes I can be picky about the books I read and if someone recommends one, a lot of times I might not even bother picking it up because it's not what I would have normally been interested in even if it is a good book, BookCase.Club is kind of takes me out of my comfort zone when it comes to choosing books. I'm more apt to read something that's been sent to me than I am to seek a recommendation out. Why? Well because of convenience I suppose. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Fifth Petal by Brunonia Barry

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The Fifth Petal by Brunonia Barry is, of a sort, a sequel to her book The Lace Reader. they take place in the same town of Salem, and offer the same characters. 

The Fifth Petal starts off by telling of a murder in Salem in 1989 on Halloween night. Three beautiful women were brutally murdered in what would be known as the Goddess Murders. Only two witnesses really know what happened. One was a little girl who's mother was one of the victims, and the other is an older woman who claims the murders were committed by a screaming banshee.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Damsel in this Dress $50 Gift Card Giveaway!

I've loved corsets ever since I was a teenager, but it wasn't until the last few years that I came to know the different between a fashion corset and a corset that is made well enough to give you some seriously sexy curves. Damsel in this Dress is the best I have ever worn. Not only does Michelle make gorgeous corsets, but she turns out lovely skirts, tie on bustles, shirts, and other accessories. Once you wear a Damsel, you will see the difference immediately and probably never wear another Corset Story corset ever again. Plus, they are actually pretty comfortable. I wear them for conventions or course, but I also wear them with a pair of jeans and basic shirt when I'm out and about or for holidays.

Friday, February 3, 2017

A Valentine's Day Gift to Warm You Up

My love for Crazy Cups Coffee is, well, crazy. The variety of flavors they offer is kind of insane and I love them all. Of course, I thought they couldn't get much better, but I was wrong. How did they prove me wrong? They introduced me to their Valentine's Day Hot Chocolate Variety Box.

Ohhh yeahhhh. 

Different flavors of hot chocolate for the win!

In this particular box, you get two of each flavor. My personal favorites ended up being the Irish Creme Cheesecake, Frosted Cinnamon Bun, Peanut Butter Cup, Peppermint Patty, and Frosted Oatmeal Biscotti. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Celebrate Valentine's Day Without Leaving Home: Fantastic Date Ideas for Every Couple

Sometimes going out for date night just isn't in the cards. Whether it's because you don't have a baby sitter, or money is a little tight, that shouldn't stop you from having a nice, romantic Valentine's Day with the one you love.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Movies That Are Sure to Make You Cry, Every Time

Sometimes you really need a good cry, and sometimes the way to do that is watching a movie that will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. I'm going to admit that I am more of a comedy or horror gal, myself. I tend to stay away from movies that I know are going to make me cry, because I cry hard. That being said, there are just some movies that give you that good soul cry that you need and these are a few of my favorites.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

American Flatbread: Wood-Fired Premium Pizzas

We are pizza obsessed in this house. We typically have pizza at least once a week. I personally love thinner crust because not only is it healthier, but I just really love the taste and crispness of it. 

We got the opportunity to try out a few flavors of American Flatbread pizzas. Finding them in my small town was a little more difficult than I thought.