Planning a Small Wedding - Why Less is More


In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in the way couples approach their wedding day. Rather than opting for grandiose affairs, more and more people are choosing small and low-key celebrations. The pandemic has encouraged the rediscovery of lowkey weddings with 40% of Americans admitting that they find wedding planning is too much effort. 

And the truth is that they represent a growing trend for small weddings. People prefer to keep things more intimate and manageable for a variety of reasons. 


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Firstly, small weddings offer an intimate atmosphere where couples can share their special day with those closest to them. With fewer guests, the focus shifts from elaborate setups to meaningful connections and heartfelt moments.

Secondly, stress-free planning plays a significant role. A small wedding is often less daunting than organizing a large-scale event. Couples can forgo the pressure of managing extensive guest lists and intricate details, allowing them to enjoy the planning process and focus on what truly matters: their love for each other.

Finally, keeping the guest list small allows couples to spend quality time with each guest, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. From heartfelt conversations to intimate ceremonies, small weddings provide the opportunity to savor every moment with loved ones.

Yet, it takes more than just going small to throw a low-key stress-free wedding. Here are some more ideas for getting married the low-key way. 

Embracing natural beauty

You may have been pinning a lot of bridal makeup looks on Pinterest, but there is a unique benefit to keeping it natural on your big day. 

Rather than relying on heavy makeup to achieve a bridal look, low-key brides prefer to focus on skincare leading up to their wedding day. A radiant complexion paired with minimal makeup not only looks effortlessly elegant but also ensures that you can feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. It’s worth working with a dermatologist to get your skin in a good place in the months before the wedding. You can also book essential beauty treatments, such as a signature facial treatment, which help s revitalize your skin so you can look naturally refreshed on the day. 

Do you need a huge bridal gown?

More and more brides are stepping away from bridal wear boutiques to choose something more comfortable. Ultimately, you don’t have to break the bank to look and feel beautiful, and this will remove a lot of stress from the planning process. 

Whether it's a chic cocktail dress, a bohemian maxi skirt, or a tailored jumpsuit, brides are opting for outfits that reflect their personal style and make them feel beautiful inside and out.

Simplifying traditions

Wedding bands are the epitome of marriage. But more and more couples are looking for alternatives. Many prefer to switch jewelry for a long-term symbol of commitment, such as a wedding tattoo. They find it just as, if not more, meaningful than wearing rings. 

Wedding tattoos can also become a meaningful couple experience as you can get your tattoos done together. You can also opt for the same design or for complementary designs. 

Low-key weddings are taking over, encouraging the new generations to fall in love with love itself. Whether you're exchanging vows in a quaint garden ceremony or saying "I do" on a secluded beach, remember that the beauty of a wedding lies not in its scale, but in the love shared between two people.


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