5 Tips When Planning a Small Wedding

 Contrary to popular belief, there is more than one reason why a couple might choose to plan a smaller wedding: yes, they might be working with a tight budget, but they might also have made the conscious choice that they would rather celebrate their marriage with only those closest to them; or they might want to avoid starting their married life in debt or would prefer to spend the money on an extra special honeymoon or use it as a downpayment on a house.

Regardless of the motivation, it is absolutely possible to have a small wedding that is just as memorable and romantic as a large one. In many ways, it can provide more opportunities for personalization and intimacy. 

If you or someone you know is planning a small wedding, here are five tips that might help. 

1. Keep the guest list short

The most common reason for wedding costs spiraling is the length of the guest list. The more people you invite the more you will have to pay for a venue, food and drink, and any other gifts, treats, or activities you want to provide. For many couples, inviting family, extended family, friends, partners of friends, and possibly even colleagues quickly adds up and before you know if you have over 100 people attending. Generally speaking, an intimate wedding involves less than 50 guests, but a truly small wedding would include no more than 10 guests. 

2. Choose an unusual venue

Traditional wedding venues often have minimum guest numbers and set packages to ensure that their costs are covered and that they turn a profit from the event, but with a little creativity you can avoid these costs. For example, using a beautiful spot in nature, a location that is special to you as a couple, or a family member’s back yard are all possibilities if you get the necessary permits. You will then also have more flexibility when it comes to timings and any food or drink you want to offer. 

3. Discuss what is important to you as a couple 

It can seem that there are certain must-have elements in a wedding, but the truth is that you should only include what is important to you. If you are not interested in drinking alcohol or dancing, swap a late-night party for an afternoon barbeque. If you are not particularly bothered about the clothes you wear, there is nothing stopping you browsing simple wedding gowns for small weddingsor even wearing whatever you like. Perhaps you and your other half are more passionate about food than flowers, in which case you might choose to spend your budget on a meal than decorating a venue. 

4. Call on friends and family for help

The homemade approach to decorations, flowers, food, or clothing can save you a significant amount of money, but you might also be able to save by calling on favors from your loved ones. You never know who has hidden skills in hair, makeup, papercraft, floristry, baking, cake decoration, singing, or playing a musical instrument. Bring your team together to create a day that is completely unique to you. 

5. Remember who is getting married

You might find that your decision to have a small wedding is not a popular one with some more traditional family members, friends who all have their own ideas about what you should do, or relatives who are not invited. Whatever comes your way, remain calm and thank them for their inputbut stick to your plans. This is your day, the start of the rest of your life as a married couple, and the memories will stay with you foreverunlike their opinions.


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