4 Fun Hobbies You Can Enjoy Alone

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Studies show that spending some time alone comes with a host of benefits such as greater focus and creativity, reduced stress to make you more productive, as well as improved sleep quality. Being alone can also give you better emotional regulation and more time to do what makes you happy. But what you do during such times is what counts. Whether you want to find solace in your quiet moments or you’re looking for an emotional outlet, engaging in enjoyable hobbies can be emotionally fulfilling, enriching and mentally rewarding. Here are some fun hobbies you can enjoy by yourself.

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  1. Writing

It may not sound like fun until you start trying it. Writing is a great way to spend your time alone. Even better, it offers many mental health benefits, as it helps you to declutter your mind, reorganize your thoughts, ease stress, and relax. And no, you don’t have to be a professional or a talented writer to enjoy this hobby. Just pick a pen or pencil and a book or a sheet of paper and start putting thoughts into writing. What do you write about? Anything that comes to mind, including things you’re worried about or past experiences you don’t want to forget. You can even write letters to your future self. If you’re a bit more talented, you can write short stories, a novel, blogs, or fan fiction. 

  1. Playing video games

What do you do when you’re tired of writing? Play some video games. According to recent studies, 63% of global video game players admit that video games help them feel happier, offer a healthy outlet from daily challenges (according to 64% of gamers), and provide mental stimulation and stress relief (for 75% of global gamers). The most important thing is to pick game types or genres that you prefer. For example, you can enjoy some games from the Scary Games Vault if you love scary experiences. 

  1. Watch funny videos

A healthy dose of laughter can improve your mood when youre alone. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of options, regardless of how you love your humor. From YouTube to Netflix, you can find various shows or movies to watch on many platforms. Serve yourself some snacks and a healthy drink, and you’re good to go.

  1. Solitary walking and hiking

Most people perceive walking and hiking as group activities, but you can enjoy them alone. In fact, studies show that solitary walks can help you destress and organize your mind, in addition to its numerous physical health benefits. Make it a regular part of your daily activities, and you’ll have a higher chance of improving your joints, strengthening your heart, and boosting your immune system. It’s also a great opportunity to come up with new ideas or work out new solutions without being interrupted by other people. Walking also releases endorphins, which will easily improve your mind. You’ll return home happier, more relaxed, and healthier with at least 20 minutes of solitary walking or hiking. 


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