3 Step-Up Decisions For When Your Home Business Scales


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There’s a certain charm and worth that comes from scaling up your commercial enterprise, particularly if it originated from very humble beginnings. It’s important not to discount yourself because of starting from scratch, be that running a home business for a number of years before you made the decision to grow. 

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After all, both Google and Disney were started from a garage space. Of course, there may be a slight degree of difference between an international conglomerate and your modest outfit as of now, but the founders of such brands once thought that, too.

Until then, we have many small decisions to make. How can we effectively scale and take those first tentative steps outside of such a humble and yes, comforting environment? While outsourcing is certainly the key to your small business success, to what degree does that matter, and how can you curate a healthier path forward?

In this post, we’ll discuss all of that and more:

Transitioning From Home Office To Dedicated Workspace

Of course, there’s no shame in working from home. In fact, many people with high-level jobs do it after the pandemic, so why should you come in every day when all of your projects can be run from your work device? That said, it can be nice to scale up your operation and consider how to ingratiate new employees where appropriate. That might mean renting an office three days a week or even purchasing an office space in your local town. Having a base from which you can curate your ambition is absolutely a worthwhile place to start.

Upgrading Technology & IT Infrastructure

As your company begins to scale, to grow in its operations, and to meet additional user demand, it can be essential to upgrade your technology and IT infrastructure. Sure, you have laptops, but what about your server hosting? What about cloud support? All of this is essential, which is why outsourcing services like Pointivity Cloud Smart is so essential - it allows you to completely format your online hosting methods through a company that scales perfectly with you. Upgrading your technology isn’t about spending the most money or furnishing every outsourced professional with a top-spec work machine, it’s more about considering the needs of your business at any one moment and remaining agile as you do.

Scaling Your Marketing & Advertising Strategies

As our business grows, so should our promotional capacity. Why put all that work in if no one knows of your firm? Yet it’s also true that wanton promotion without a robust plan can come across as sloppy, and may even cause a negative impression. That’s why using SEO firms that can help raise your Google authority in the local area can be so helpful. Outsourcing your social media banners to effective graphic designers can also work well. The more you integrate these measures, the better off you are, and the sooner you can round off your promotional standing.

With this advice, you’re sure to enjoy step-up decisions for when your home business scales in the best manner possible.


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