How to Add a Little More Variety in Your Life


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Most of us have heard the expression that ‘variety is the spice of life, but how many of us experience it? Many people have a set routine with very little change in it from day to day, week to week, and month to month. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. 

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Even the food we eat becomes like it is stuck in a time warp. Living like this, it is easy to see how some people get bored or crave excitement as time seems to slow and the rut sets in. The good news is there are some simple ways you can alter this by adding a little variety.

Create Something Arty

Getting creative is a great way to add a little variety. Exploring an artistic pursuit has so many benefits. First, it allows you to become absorbed in the work you are creating. This allows the mind and imagination to wander. This process then becomes similar to the act of meditation. When you are concentrating on those paint colors and the image you are creating, or the music you are making, etc., you are no longer in the world around you, you have been absorbed by the work, and nothing exists except you and the work in those moments. This can reduce stress, and anxiety as well as broaden your horizons and give you a new perspective on the world in general.

Follow a Passion

Do you have any passions or subjects you are well versed in? Something that really interests you? Perhaps you could start an evening or online course in it. If you are already knowledgeable, why not start a blog and use social media like Twitter to advertise it? A blog may be easier to put together than you think, using hosting platforms like Wix or WordPress, you can pretty simply create a site. 


One of the tastiest and most satisfying ways to add a little more spice is by literally adding a little spice. Getting creative in the kitchen and trying out new recipes and ingredients like whiteys chili from Asian cuisine. Maybe go to the supermarket, and instead of buying all your usual purchasers, mix it up a bit. Pick that strange and unusual vegetable you have never tried before, try a sauce from another range. With cooking, you can start slow with a few changes here and there and build up to more and more exotic and exciting flavors and things. The better you get in the kitchen, the more you will feel like you want to share your newfound love for cooking with friends and family. 

Home Decor

Is your home boring you? Could you make it more exciting? How about a feature wall, or some feature items such as a sculpture or unusual lamp? A wall mural or some decals are some other things to try. There are many ways you can use your home as a canvas on which to demonstrate a bit more of your personality. It does have to be all vanilla when it comes to your home.


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