3 Simple Upgrades For Your Humble Abode

If you are looking to give your home a bit of a facelift, think about bringing it into the twenty first century. With an array of mod-cons available for the masses, it’s only right that you want to get in on the action. That cerise bathroom suite that you’ve put up with for years may have looked the part in the 1980s, but it’s time to give it an upgrade. If your humble abode is in need of a refresh, take a look at these three ideas to inspire your upgrade plans.

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The Kitchen

The kitchen should be the heart of the home in the twenty first century. If you’re keen to bring your foodie haven into the modern era, think about extending or knocking a wall through to create an open plan kitchen diner. Doing this creates a more social space where you can chat with pals over coffee, host a casual dinner party or watch the kids do their homework while you cook up a gastronomic storm.

Think about your kitchen cabinet configuration and opt for a style that suits you as a family. If you’re into the shaker style kitchen look, go for an off-white country kitchen complete with slate tiled floor and a wooden worktop. If you prefer the more modern look, a high gloss white kitchen with stainless steel splashbacks can be perfect.

Home Office

Most people have a home office nowadays as working from home becomes more popular. If the company you work for offers flexible working, take them up on this offer and enjoy your home office. Ensure that you have the capability to work by researching satellite internet providers that provide enough data and download speeds to cater for your Zoom meetings with colleagues. A home office also means that you won’t need to work on the sofa while watching the television and having screaming children around you.


As the summer is well and truly upon us, it might be time to upgrade your garden. Forget the simple patch of lawn and some border plants, and opt for a patio for al fresco dining instead. Here, you can enjoy some barbecues with pals or dinner parties with family. You can install a fire pit, so you don’t get too cold in the evenings. Put in some soft, subtle lighting around your foliage and shrubbery, and install a water feature. This will help your garden go from bland to brilliant.

If you’re keen on growing some of your own vegetables in an effort to become more self-sufficient, create some raised beds or have veggie trough at the back of your garden. Grow some potatoes, leeks or onions and cook up some stews and roasts for your family. This can save you some cash and help you to do your bit for the environment.

If you are looking to upgrade your home, focus on those rooms and spaces that you utilize most. Follow this guide, and you can enjoy a more modern home conducive to twenty first century living.


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