Beware Of These 5 Summer House Risks


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Ah, summer! The perfect season for grilling burgers in the garden, having a dip in the pool, and wearing a natural and healthy tan!

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Summer is a season of wonders. But it isn't without risks. We are all aware of the dangers of spending too much time exposed to direct sunlight with no UV protection. UV rays can be harmful to the skin, causing not only premature aging but also skin cancer. Besides, anyone who has ever caught a sunburn knows how painful these can be!

Another common risk in summer is the heat. Excessive heat is a major source of concern for the most vulnerable individuals, leading to dehydration, heat exhaustion, and even a heat stroke. These could be fatal for young children or seniors! So, it's important to stay on top of your hydration, always drinking water throughout the day and tracking how much you need to drink. After all, we all tend to sweat more in summer, so we need to replenish the lost H2O too! 

But have you ever considered the threats summer puts on your house? Indeed, summer could lead to high costs at home. Here are the 5 summer risks at home. 

#1. You're planning DIY work

It's not uncommon for homeowners to take some time off in summer so they can spend it with their family. Besides, most office businesses tend to slow down during the heat season, so even if you haven't booked days off, you may still have plenty of spare time. And spare time is exactly when problems happen. We all remember what the pandemic inspired homeowners to do: Transforming, adjusting, and decorating their homes. While we've only heard about the successful transformations, there have been a lot of mishaps too! 

So, if you feel like your home lacks space and you wish you could extend the kitchen/living room/ any room you might think of, here's a tip for you: Don't do it yourself unless you know what you are doing. DIY works can have a lot of hidden costs, including repair costs when you need to hire a professional to fix the damage and potential health costs in the event of accidents. So, if the home feels too small, consider either a professionally built extension or moving into a bigger property. 

#2. Rain comes after a drought

Rain should be a welcome sign in summer, as it can keep you fresh and cool! But if you live in a region that is prone to summer drought, rain may not be a good thing. When the soil is too dry, it can't absorb water effectively, leading to flooding inside your home. Rainwater can infiltrate your basement. While it may not come inside the main part of the house, it's important to reach out to a professional disaster restoration service that can help with stagnant water. Water in the basement can affect your foundation and house structure. 

#3. You rely on air con but haven't maintained it

Is it too hot? Just turn the a/c on to cool down the house. However, you must keep up with servicing and maintenance schedule for your A/C unit. Indeed, your air conditioning system may appear to be working fine, but failure to service it can lead to:

  • Faults developing over time

  • Shorter system lifespan

  • Ineffective cooling

  • High energy bills

  • Release of dusty and other particles that should have been captured by the filter 

#4. You have guests seeking a cool shelter

Contrary to common belief, pests can find a way into your home all year round. While it is more common to notice mice or other unwanted creatures in winter, they can also hide inside your home during the summer. Basement and loft spots are the most frequent area where rodents and reptiles might hide for coolness. The under roof area could also be home to nests for bugs and insects, including bees and wasps, which become active in summer. 

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#5. Your windows let the heat through

If your windows are old or the frame is damaged, they are likely to provide little protection against the heat. As a result, the hot air could find a way inside your home. This could lead to discomfort. But, more importantly, it could also affect your energy bills, as your air con units have to work harder to cool down the house. Additionally, if the air can find a way through, small bugs could also enter your house via the window frames, depending on the current condition!

Is your home safe this summer? It's worth checking your property for risks. From pests to ineffective air con, these could increase your costs this summer! 


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