5 Signs You Are Ready To Move Into A Bigger Home


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A few years ago, you probably thought your current home was the home of your dreams or at least suitable at the time. However, like most other things, you've noticed that you're outgrowing your home. It could be due to several factors like your preferences changing and your family expanding. 

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Thinking of moving is not easy, especially when you have grown emotionally attached to your home. But moving to a new home is more common than you think. In 2019, nearly 31 million people moved homes. So, whether you have grown fond of your home or not, it would be best to consider if it is the right time to move into a bigger home. If you're unsure about taking that risk, here are five signs to help you know it's time to find a bigger home.

  1. Lack of space

The most common and obvious sign that you need to move into a bigger home is the lack of space. If an intense decluttering session doesn't seem to do the trick and you still can't create more space, that is a potential sign that your current home may be too small. 

Do your older kids need more independence? Are you bringing in a new family member? Are there sufficient amenities to make everyone feel comfortable at home? These questions help you analyze your current home to see if it has enough space to accommodate your needs.  

  1. More money to spend

If you've had a significant increase in your finances over the years, you might want to spend a little extra on things you wouldn't have been able to do previously. Naturally, you may have enough money to spend on a bigger house and are ready to do so now. And why not? You've worked hard for that luxury. So, if you want a new home with individual ensuite bathrooms, you can have it! However, it doesn't mean you must splurge unnecessarily just because you can. You must also know that having a bigger home involves even more expenses.

Also, just because you can now afford to buy a bigger home doesn't mean you should skimp out on making smart financial decisions, such as a home loan. You might not have access to some tax benefits without a home loan, and a large amount of your savings will be locked into a single investment. You can use a house loan calculator to calculate the monthly repayments you need to make to ensure you make the right choice. 

  1. Your family is growing

Living in a smaller home might be perfect for a single person or a couple, but when you start increasing your family, you might have to start thinking about a bigger home. Ensure that there are enough bathrooms and bedrooms to meet everyone's needs and that you have a reasonably-sized backyard that your children can play in. 

Remember that your growing family also includes having pets. If you want to add a dog or any other pet to your home, there must be enough space in the home for them to live comfortably. It would help if you also found a decent spot where you can keep their stuff, including kennels, toys, and eating space.

  1. Outgrown your neighborhood

While you might like living in your current home, you're starting to realize that you no longer care for the area you live in. Perhaps you live in a noisy neighborhood, have a long commute, or might have realized that it has become more commercial. Whatever your reasons are, your neighborhood just doesn't appeal to you anymore. 

When it's time for you to move to a larger home, you must consider its location. If you want a quiet area where you will feel safer raising your family, you can check out modern communities with many green spaces, playgrounds, and many more amenities. 

  1. Expensive maintenance and renovation costs

Maintaining your current home is a great way to ensure that your home either retains or increases its value. However, more recently, home renovations and maintenance have become very expensive. Sometimes, it might even cost you more to renovate your home than to buy a bigger one. Additionally, if your house is in bad shape, it would be better to move to a more comfortable space than spend a fortune constantly repairing it.

If you see these signs in and around your current home, they are big indicators that you must start considering moving to a bigger space. Moving is a big deal to ensure that you consult with the right team of people to make the entire process smooth for you and your family.


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