5 Tips to Manage Personal and Business Data Across the Web

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Information is valuable these days, especially in the wrong hands. So you must manage personal and business data correctly to keep it secure from those with malicious intent.

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Retrieve Clean Data for Use Between Apps

Managing the data from multiple apps is a nightmare sometimes. With such large volumes, it's easy for data to become corrupted and inaccurate. This is why you must keep your data as clean as possible. But doing this isn't as easy as you think without the right tools since point-to-point data becomes corrupted. However, reverse ETL services make it easy to access data from one source, which is then configured for use in multiple apps. For example, a report in an app is not readable by another. So data is transformed and formatted at the source.

Only Visit and Build Sites with SSL Security

Internet security has become a major point of contention in the 21st century. And you offer no value to your customers by building a site without SSL. Additionally, you put your business at risk when it comes to liability issues. Further, you risk your own personal data when using sites without SSL. Fortunately, it's easy to build sites with SSL these days since almost every reputable site builder includes SSL as standard. If your site doesn't have SSL, it's advised that you migrate to an SSL domain ASAP since it probably won't even load on most computers.

Manage Personal and Business Data with an IT Service

There are over 20 million hacking attempts on small businesses each year in the UK alone. And last year, there were 5 billion records illegally obtained from the dark web. However, not content with stealing data, many nefarious hackers also attempt to cause as much damage as possible to a breached system with lockouts, malware, and the dreaded ransomware. Any of these make your data unobtainable. However, you can get around this with regular data backups for restoration should the worst happen. Managed IT services are your safest choice at a low cost.

Always Encrypt Data Before Sending or Storing

Even the most benign data can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Therefore it's always helpful to encrypt everything. Especially data containing personal information, classified material, or company procedures. Data like this can be intercepted in transmission between email addresses and upload servers. Additionally, you should encrypt data on storage devices too. BitLocker is excellent for encrypting the contents of your hard drives. And you can buy USB storage devices with encryption software built-in. These are excellent for company documents.

Only Use Secure Networks (Never Public)

Of course, you should always consider the network you are using. Always ensure your network is private and secure. For example, consider using a VPN when accessing company cloud servers from home. Nord VPN is cheap and very user friendly. Additionally, try not to use Wi-Fi at all, and never use public Wi-Fi such as at a bar, public building, or coffee shop. Public Wi-Fi is a hunting ground for hackers who can easily pluck data packets from transmission when you send or receive. Data is then sold to unscrupulous sales companies and criminals alike.


Manage data between apps with reverse ETL to keep it clean. And don't forget about security by using VPNs and never using publicly available Wi-Fi for anything remotely sensitive.


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