4 Crucial Reasons To Back Up Your Website


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Available data shows that 77% of global internet users access blog sites to read articles or give reviews. Therefore, you can imagine how damaging it can be if you lose all your blog data and, even worse, have no way to retrieve them. It is even more disturbing when you run a business online. This is why file and data backup cannot be overlooked. that said, here are some reasons that explain why website backup is a big deal.

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  1. Prevents data loss

If you run a website, you cannot underestimate the essence of backing it up. In a digital era where cybercrime is a major global issue, you may want to reconsider your stance on website backup. Sometimes, file deletions can be accidental and not necessarily the handiwork of a cybercriminal lurking in the virtual corridors. If you’ve been around computers and websites for a long time, you will already know that a whole library of content can be accidentally deleted just at the click of a button.

Data is everything, especially to a website developer, which explains why backup is critical. With a backup in place, you are assured of retrieving every file you consider necessary. While some hosting platforms offer website backups as a safety feature, others do not. Therefore, you may want to consider using an Ark server hosting platform. As a tip, it would help if you had a multi-backup strategy set in place to reinforce your data security.

  1. Helps resolve malware problems

Undoubtedly, malware can be pretty dodgy to deal with. Even worse, they make your computers more vulnerable to attacks. Unfortunately, as technology advances, cybercriminals also upgrade their hacking techniques. The sad news is no matter how proactive you try to be with your online activities, attackers will continue to find ways and means to go around your system.

Fortunately, with a website backup, you can have some headway in the fight against malware. Backing up resolves malware infections to a large extent. Some IT experts believe that the algorithm used in resolving backup issues indirectly offers a significant amount of protection from past malware. A typical example of malware is bots. They are particularly a nuisance to WordPress users.

  1. Protection from hackers

Previously, hackers would ply their trade by lurking in backlinks to cause havoc. Today, their style is different. Instead of hiding, they now attempt to access your website directly. Their main operation, without a doubt, is to steal vital information from your site. For example, if a hacker successfully breaks into your administrative account, it could spell more trouble for you. This means they now have privileges to alter your credentials. When that happens, you get locked out of a site you operate.

Thankfully, it might be difficult for hackers to access your administrative settings with two-factor authentication. If, for whatever reason, a hacker still manages to access your website directly, there are things you can do to retrieve them. However, the success of the following steps will be dependent on whether you backed up the website. If you did, you could recover access to your website by following the instructions sent to your email. Once the necessary verifications are done, you can then access your backup from the specific hosting panel you use. Keep in mind that sometimes, an experienced hacker may attempt to get control of your email first. If that happens to be your specific case, you may have to contact the web host for further help.

  1. Takes care of update problems

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IT experts recommend updating your computer systems to enhance performance and, most importantly, to take care of glitches and bugs. However, sometimes, during an update, everything can go down south. Your computer may fail to complete an update and end up crashing. When that happens, it is most likely that your data is gone. Fortunately, when you have previously backed up your site, there will be no need to worry about losing everything forever.

Admittedly, it might take longer than expected to get that backup up and running. As a tip, please try a manual backup first. That option offers another safety net to ensure that your site backup is without any problem. Thankfully, an update hitch cannot be the reason why you lose your site and every relevant data.

To conclude, a site backup is something you cannot underestimate. It will hurt to completely lose months and years of data when you could have salvaged the situation.


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