Travel Essentials For Any Occasion!


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When deciding to travel, the first purchase necessary is that of a suitcase or travel bag. But we still have to know what suits us best and be able to protect this luggage when traveling. 

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It may begin with asking yourself, a cabin suitcase or backpack? Choosing your essential travel accessory will depend on the type of vacation you are planning. If you plan to drop off your luggage once and for all when you arrive, the cabin suitcase will be ideal. Robust and easy to transport, it will accompany you to restful destinations.  On the other hand, if you are going on a multi-stop trip in addition to travel by public transport, no hesitation: set your sights on a travel backpack. 

Baggage protection 

Here you are in possession of a baggage adapted to the style of trip you are going to undertake. Now, it is important to protect it and to secure your belongings inside: 

  • Protective cover for your travel bag or cabin suitcase, pay attention to the size

  • Tsa padlock  

  • Suitcase labels.

Also remember that the weight of your luggage is important. If you want to avoid last minute supplements, bring an electronic luggage scale. Here are some other accessories to remember! 

Hanging toiletry bag 

Important when traveling, the toiletry bag must be practical and large enough to store all the usual hygiene products. The hanging toiletry bag will allow you to easily hang it on any handle without risking getting it dirty. 

Travel toothbrush and toothpaste 

What could be more painful than not knowing where to store and protect your toothbrush while traveling? The solution: a travel toothbrush. Also look at buying a bamboo toothbrush which is ecological and biodegradable.

Quick drying towel 

After a good shower, you want to wipe yourself off with a soft, dry towel! So, you should opt for a microfiber towel that's ideal for traveling vacations. Also you will want to look at a travel size hair dryer. 

First aid kit or first aid kit 

When you go on a trip, you have to think of everything and especially the small (or big) ailments that could happen to us. Today, you will easily find first aid kits on the Internet that will serve you well whilst you are on the move. 

Tiger balm 

Tiger balm. A true cure-all, it will relieve you of many ailments. Take it everywhere with you!

Insect repellent 

Don't forget to pack insect repellent in your luggage. It will save your evenings from the invasion of mosquitoes. 

Mosquito net 

To stay in the theme of these unwanted people, here is an essential purchase for some countries: a mosquito net. Depending on your destination, take it with you to protect you from these critters!

Aircraft travel bottle kit 

The regulation of liquid objects to take on the plane is strict. You can only carry 100 ml of liquid product in the cabin. To help you, the brands of hygiene products have created approved kits of bottles for cabin travel. 

Laundry bag 

During your trip, you may not have a washing machine available. Here is an essential and revolutionary accessory: a bag for washing clothes.


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