Packing For Honeymoon: What To Remember

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Both men and women have ideas about what they want from their honeymoon. If you have plans to get married one day, then it's likely you’ve thought about what you’d like most for your honeymoon.

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It’s the one big blow out you have after all the wedding stress and the time spent working to save up for the wedding in the first place. In fact, after booking the wedding, you need to book the honeymoon next so that you can get the best possible deals. If there is ever going to be a vacation that you take that will mean something amazing, it’s this one.

Of course, the most expensive part of the honeymoon for a lot of people is in the preparation. New luggage, new clothes - it’s all new for this vacation! There’s no rule to say you have to go and get new clothes, but who doesn't want to splurge a little for this long-awaited vacation? Your packing list is going to get longer and longer while you are preparing for your honeymoon. So, what should you bring with you on this trip?

  • Medicine.
You’ll need to pack your own little bag of medicines as a “just in case” while you’re out there in paradise. Some people don't bother, but those hangovers are something else when you work your way through champagne for most of the flight. So, it makes sense to have painkillers to hand. Depending on where you’re going, you may also need to have diarrhea pills packed away. Have you ever heard of Delhi Belly? Yeah, let’s avoid that, shall we? Oh, and don’t forget to pack birth control. If you are in a remote lodge and there’s no pharmacy nearby, it pays to be prepared!
  • Equipment
Depending on where you are going, you may need equipment. Adventure honeymoons are a thing, and those can involve scuba gear, skiing poles and boots and even surf boards. If you know where you’re going, buy the right equipment or make sure that you know where to hire it when you get there. There’s no use in going on an adventure if you’re not going to be equipped to enjoy it!
  • Special Outfits
There are three specific outfits that you'll need while you are on your honeymoon. You’ll need one to travel out to your destination in, one for a special honeymoon dinner the first night and one to come home in. Coming home may require warmer clothes depending on where you are landing, and this is why preparation is key!
  • Lingerie
Do we really need to say more? You’re going on honeymoon, lingerie is a must!
  • Reading Material
You may be going on honeymoon but you won’t be spending every single second immersed in activities. You could find time to fit in a new book if you want to, and so you should bring a couple of good reads with you. It’s the time to relax and reading is going to help you hugely!


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