These Tips will Help you to Get Your Kids to Exercise More


If you encourage your kids to exercise every single day, then you can easily help them to maintain a very healthy life. You can also prevent any diseases that might go on to affect them later on in life as well. Just like adults, kids need to be active in order to stay healthy. Only 50% of boys and 34% of girls who are between 12 and 15 are as fit as they should be, but if you act now then you should be able to make a positive change soon enough.

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Be a Good Role Model

Your children will watch you and they will also mimic your habits too. This is the case whether they are good, or bad. If your kids see you trying to be active and if they see you having fun then they may be much more active themselves. It’s vital that you try and use exercise as a means of transportation. Make sure that you walk your kids to school, ride a bike to your friend’s house or even use roller skates to go to the park. When you do this, you will soon find that your kids are able to have the best time and they will also find exercise fun. If they have an interest in extra activities, then this is great.  If you want something fun to get them started then martial arts can be a fantastic starting point.

Involve the Entire Family

It’s vital that you try and involve the whole family as much as possible in your activities. It’s one of the most successful ways for you to change their habits. You could volunteer to coach some kind of soccer team, or you could even encourage your kids to sign up for some kind of martial arts class, as mentioned above. If you are able to sign the entire family up to something, then this could help you in the long run and you may even find that they are much more active as a result.

Put a Focus on Fun

Kids like to have fun. They are much more likely to carry on exercising if they are actively enjoying the activities they are doing. It’s helpful to turn on some music and have a dance party, or you could even walk during your trip to the zoo instead of taking the shuttle bus between exhibits. Little things like this can keep your family much more active and you would be surprised at how much of a difference it could make.

Use Competition

You should make a competition between you and the kids to see who can sprint the fastest, or to see who can do the most jumping jacks. If you do this then you may find that you are able to create some friendly competition and that you are also able to keep everyone fit as a result. There are even games that you can download for your games console, which encourage people to move around and get fit as well.



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