3 Hacks For Keeping Up Your Gym Confidence

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We all know that as a woman, the smallest knockback can make us lose confidence. In a world full of crazy body standards, any small comment, a funny look or a bad picture can make us feel awful about ourselves. Whether you’re passionate about exercise, or it’s simply something you do out of necessity to stay fit and healthy, having confidence in your workout space should be a big priority. Even if you don’t feel confident, which, let’s face it, none of us does all the time, there are ways to boost your confidence and get back in the gym with your head held high!

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  1. Staying Focused On Your Goals

Whether you workout to lose weight, gain muscle or simply because it makes you feel good, setting out workout goals is an amazing way to keep confident. Having milestones you can set, achieve, and document for yourself is a perfect way to look back on your fitness journey and say ‘Wow, I have achieved so much!’ When you lose your way and begin to feel less confident in yourself, having these achievements written down can allow you to look back at how far you’ve come since you started exercising.

Setting goals is about being realistic. Make sure you aren’t setting your sights too high, to begin with; simple, winnable goals are perfect to build your confidence and feel like you’re really making progress!

  1. Invest In Some New Workout Gear

While we all love our old faithful workout clothes, the ones you’ve had for years and never fail - sometimes a boost in confidence can come from simply shaking things up. Taking the plunge and getting some new workout clothes which flatter your shape and support you during exercise can be a real self-esteem motivator. Often, as women, we feel most confident when we are wearing clothes that we feel truly comfortable in. Understanding what kind of clothes make you feel good is super important in your workout journey.

For curvy women, there are amazing ranges of workout gear to buy - more than ever before. Curves leggings fit your beautiful shape without pinching and support your body when you work out. No matter what your shape or size, you deserve to have confidence when you hit the gym!

  1. Being Kind To Yourself

One amazing hack for self-love is to think of yourself as you would think of your best friend. If your best friend was lacking in gym confidence, what would you tell them? You would probably tell them the truth: that they’re beautiful and capable of anything! Turn that attitude around on yourself helps you to see how you are your own worst critic. Having a set-back in your long fitness journey is inevitable; being harsh to yourself about it doesn’t have to be. Understand that you are only human, that your life comprises more than just your ability to fit into fitness and health stereotypes, and that we’re all just doing our very best. 


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