Feel Happy With Your Health

For you to be able to feel happy about your health will probably feel like a miracle at the minute. Some of you will be walking around feeling like your health is about to drop off the scale completely. We sort of become normalised to the feeling of not feeling totally healthy. We accept that we're not going to be one of these health and fitness Instagram influences who bounces off the walls all day making life look like a doddle. But what we shouldn't be doing, is focusing our energy on everything but getting out health right. 

This is a collaborative post.
There are so many ways that you can feel totally happy with your health, you just have to take steps to change a few things about your day to day life, and perhaps give in to a few of the issues that you've been having. So in 2020, we think you should have a goal to be happier with your health than ever before. If you can leave this year being even 59% more healthier than you are, or feel, right now then you've succeeded in changing your life. Keep on reading to find out what we think you should be doing. 

Issues You Might Be Ignoring

There are so many issues that you might be ignoring when it comes to your health. We know it's common to ignore healthy foods when doing the food shop, or drive right passed the gym when going to pick up a takeaway, but we think it needs to be normalised to stop ignoring issues that are directly related to health problems that the general public has. As a whole, there are two different types of people in the world. There are those that go to the doctors for every last thing, and are probably the reason why health services are so stretched at the minute. There are also the people who refuse to go to the doctors about anything, and those are the ones that are going to be in more trouble with their health later on in life. So don't ignore issues you're having, no matter how big or small they are. A common issue to be ignored is one with heating. People would rather struggle to hear than admit they're struggling so bad that they need hearing aids. But hearing aids are more discreet than they have ever been before and generally function perfectly all of the time. Hearing aid repairs are often quick and cheap so you'd never be without one for too long. It's going to give you a much better life to deal with the fact that you have one, rather than limiting your life because you struggle to hear. 

The Diet You Never Do

The diet you never do is something a lot of you will be able to relate to. We live in a world with so much temptation, and food is one of the biggest ones. Even with all good intentions, the average diet lasts no longer than a week. So to keep yourself on track, you have to do it the right way. The right way is keeping everything in moderation. Plan your meals so that you're having tasty healthy meals, but by the end of the day you're snacking on a few pieces of chocolate, or a bag of reasonably healthy crisps. If you can give yourself a little bit of a treat everyday it's going to be far easier to stick to the diet. If you can stick to your diet for just two weeks, you should be on track for as long as you want to he! 

Focusing On Your Mental Health 

Mental health is a hot topic at the minute. More people feel like they can talk about their mental health illnesses more openly than ever before, which is great. But, although we like to talk about it more, it doesn't necessarily mean that everyone is focused on changing it. To do so, the first step is to take a trip to the doctors. They can refer you for CBT which is a special type of therapy to help combat the thoughts you're having. A lot of people find this highly effective when working alongside talking to a therapist. 

Noticing Sings In Deteriorating Health

Finally, we think that everyone should notice signs of their health going down hill. If you ignore problem after problem, it won't be long until your body fights back. So signs are serious fatigue, common colds happening often, withdrawal from anything you used to like doing. The list could go on, but when your health is truly going downhill you should be able to feel it within your body. 


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