10 Key Health Benefits of Yoga

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Over the past few years, yoga has made an incredible impact in the world of fitness. Rapidly rising in popularity, more and more people are starting to see the health benefits that come with the spiritual sport. Turning yoga exercises into a passion that they enjoy, it can be the perfect start to the day.

So if you’re thinking of starting yoga, here are the top ten health benefits that you can reap:
  1. It Helps You To Build Strength

There are many yoga poses that you can use to build strength. Requiring you to bear the weight of your body – from the tree pose that requires you to balance on one leg to the downward-facing dog in which you have to support yourself with your arms, there’s bound to be a pose that suits you. As you start to hold these poses or longer and longer, your muscular strength will increase.
  1. It Helps To Reduce Stress

A great benefit that comes with yoga, is that it can help to reduce stress. Giving you a sense of calm and serenity in your everyday life, there are several styles of yoga that uses soothing meditation techniques – such as deep breathing. Muting the world around you, it will release the anxiety and stress that you’ve been feeling. Persuading you to clear your mind and relax the body, it’s a way to escape the stressful situations that daily life can bring.
  1. It Improves Your Flexibility 

Yoga will help to increase your flexibility by stretching. By stretching your muscles through the different poses, it will, in turn, increase the range of motion that is possible in your joints. Helping to release the build-up of lactic acid, you’ll no longer feel those aches and pains! If you’ve always wanted to be more flexible, look no further than yoga.
  1. It Will Improve Your Balance 

Building up the core strength in your body, you will be able to balance your body better. From the half-moon pose to the more advance supported headstand, there are dozens of poses that will help to improve your balance – you just need to ensure that you regularly do these in order to retain it!
  1. It Will Improve Your Breathing 

A large part of yoga is working on your breathing. Through mindful and deep breathing, you can strengthen both the endurance and capacity of your lungs. An incredibly helpful health benefit, you will be able to exercise more freely without running out of breath as often. A calming feature of the sport, it will help you to release endorphins and feel more relaxed.

  1. It Will Boost Your Self Confidence

Not only is yoga great for your physical health, but it can also benefit your mental health. Alongside reducing stress, it will improve the connection between your mind and body – giving you a better awareness of your body. Improving your alignment, it will heighten the relationship that you have with your body. Learning to accept it for what it is, over time, it can lead you to feel more comfortable in your own skin – which will, therefore, boost your self-confidence.
  1. It Will Help To Lower Your Blood Sugar

Now, not everyone has a perfect diet. But if you want to feel better about yourself, it’s always a good idea to cut down on those takeaways alongside regularly exercising. When you start your fitness journey, think about your diet - is there certain things that you can replace with healthier options?

Once you get this in check, alongside yoga, you will start to see your blood sugar levels dropping. Boosting good cholesterol, it will help to improve your insulin levels, reduce your high blood pressure and strengthen your heart.
  1. It Will Help You To Sleep Better

After meditation and yoga, you will feel more at ease and relaxed. And because of this, when it comes time to sleep, you will be able to unwind and drift off a lot easier. The perfect routine before bedtime, you will wake up the next morning ready to take on the world.
  1. It Will Boost Your Metabolism 

Sadly, not everyone is blessed with a great metabolism. Affecting your ability to lose weight, it can feel like a never-ending battle. Yoga will help this by improving your metabolic system through the various poses, bringing back vitality to your body.
  1. It Will Help With Back Pain

Due to the flexibility and strength that yoga promotes, the pain in your lower or upper back will start to fade. Now, this isn’t a complete fix by any means. But it’s a good first step to take. In the modern-day, people spend a lot of their time sitting at their desks or driving a car, which causes your back to tense up. Counteracting this, yoga will help you to untense and stretch.


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