Looking Beyond Netflix

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When you love nothing more than hanging out with a great movie on a cold, wet, rainy day then having the choice of hundreds at your fingertips is fantastic. You don’t have to be a tech head to know where these movies can be accessed. You’ve got the big players such as Netflix up there, but did you know there were free or lower cost alternatives?

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In this blog we compare some of the bigger names on cost and offer and talk about some surprising options.


From a simple DVD rental company, Netflix has grown out of all recognition. Allowing for multiple account holders and with hundreds of movies, TV box sets and documentaries, this is one of the more popular choices. Not just available on your TV, you can download the Netflix app to your tablet or phone and enjoy the content across all your devices.

Netflix does not come for free but instead choose from monthly subscription packages available at several different levels.

Amazon Prime Video

This service gives Netflix a decent run for its money. Though similarly priced, with an Amazon subscription you also get free access to the Amazon Prime delivery service, which makes it a great deal if you use Amazon regularly.

There are, perhaps, more TV shows than movies on Amazon Prime, so make your decision on your personal viewing preferences.

Now TV

This works slightly differently and offers you passes to access your favorite TV programs. You can get a movie pass, reality TV pass or kids’ pass, depending on what material you’re looking for.

Free Streaming

One option that is often overlooked is the free streaming sites available from the likes of Kodi and Media Portal. These pieces of software are as easy to use as simply downloading to your devices and hitting go. They can stream your favorite movies from a variety of sources and act as a central library for the music in your phone, the films on your tablet and the TV shows on your television. Play them on any device you choose.

You don’t have to have a degree in computer tech to access these sites and get set up, just a little patience but when the offering is free, it’s well worth your time.

Admittedly if you do run into problems it can feel more complicated to find a solution but if you’re happy to jump online you’ll find plenty of advice through forums and support from the companies themselves. You’ll also find plenty of problem solving answers thanks to this guide among other sources.

Don’t let your evenings be limited to what’s on the television or hiding on your tablet, find a streaming service that gives you choices from hundreds of the best in movies, TV and documentaries. Whether that’s through a tried and tested staple like Netflix, with the added bonus of Amazon delivery or through free downloadable software, make your quiet night in a great night in.


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