Why Beauty Is Simplicity

Feeling beautiful is the kind of sensations that many women aspire to but never achieve. There is always a little voice at the back of your mind that keeps nagging you about this or that. Most people can struggle with self-esteem issues, but women find it harder to be content with their image. You don’t need to look far to find the culprit.

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Social expectations, media, and even social media selfies – especially photoshopped selfies – have created a world of unachievable perfection. The truth is that even the most beautiful women on the planet don’t think of themselves in those terms. They dislike their nose, their feet, their eyes, their shape, etc. In short, you’re not alone to worry about your reflection in the mirror. Everybody does. 

More often than not, the image of beauty involves transformation. Countless movies tell the story of the ugly duckling that needed some styling advice to turn into a beauty queen. But the road to becoming beautiful is wrongly depicted. It’s not about changing yourself. It’s about going back to the essential and finding your true self. Beauty is simplicity.

Nothing is more beautiful than being healthy

How many skincare products do you have in your bathroom cabinet? Did you know that most women have over 30 different products? The quest for the perfect beauty product is biased. You don’t need to latest cream or lotion from brand A or B. You need to understand which are the natural ingredients that work for your skin. Indeed, fragrances and chemical components that are part of your favorite care products are aggressive on your skin. Your healthy beauty routine doesn’t need chemicals. Witch hazel oil, for instance, acts as a safe toner and makeup remover. Vitamin C keeps your skin protected and firm. Turmeric fights off acne outbreaks. Healthy skin is your best beauty secret.

Casual and cute looks make you more accessible

There is a time for sophisticated fashion. If you’re invited to a formal event or if you want to impress a recruiter. But the rest of the time, you can cultivate a natural and simple look – nothing beats a cute dress https://www.fillyflair.com – which makes you appear more accessible. Your choice of outfit says a lot about you. The more complex the outfit, the more it hides your personality and creates a barrier between you and others. But a simple look brings you closer to people and creates a warm and positive impression. You become beautiful because everybody wants to be your friend.

Because natural is your true self

According to Thich Nhat Hanh, you’re only truly beautiful when you accept who you are. Accepting your true self and acting in conjunction with it is a delicate art of master, according to https://www.exploringyourmind.com. But, it’s the only way to make peace with the face in the mirror. Beauty is not what you see. It’s a state of mind. It is what you feel. Therefore staying as natural as possible ensures that you can let your true self shine.

The question is not anymore whether you’re beautiful or how to make yourself more attractive. It is time to accept that there is beauty in you. Finding harmony, between your health, your style, and your mind will unlock the key to your true beauty.


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