The Perfect Gift For Those Doodle Lovers in Your Life

I always love featuring gifts for creatives around the holidays. Not just because I am one, myself, and love showing off new artsy things to other creatives, but I feel like we might be a little harder to by for sometimes. 

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Some of my favorite things to receive are books, but bonus points if they spark my creativity. Aside from the obvious, coloring books, tutorial and prompt books are fun gifts to give and get as well. These two in particular are quickly becoming favorites of mine. 

The Art of Doodle Words actually reminds me of a book I use to check out of the library at least once a month when I was younger. For some reason I have always loved word doodles in particular. They are just really fun to draw and I'll be honest, they are great on handmade cards and gift tags and such. Doodle words are doodles that form words. It's that simple. For example, if you were to write the word ice cube, you could make each letter stacks of ice cubes and make the word look like it's melting a bit. At any rate, this book gives you the step by step instructions on turning words into works of art and even teaching you to draw in reverse by starting with a doodle and making it into a word. 

Kawaii Doodle Cuties is perfect for any age, really, but will teach you step by step how to draw adorable little doodles of food, objects, animals, and more. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you'll really love all these cute doodles from around the world. My 12 year old daughter really took to this one. She loves all things Kawaii and she's pretty creative herself. 

 Both of these books would be great for those who love to keep art journals and even bullet journals because they give a lot of inspiration and anyone can do follow the step by step photos in each. 

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