What Do We Not Normally Talk About When It Comes To Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is commonly talked about in terms of labor, and in terms of the mood swings that women often experience. The thing that a lot of us seem to forget is that there is actually a lot more to pregnancy than these two things, and it’s important to support women through it all.

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We’ve written this article to talk about some of the things that we don’t normally speak about when it comes to pregnancy, so keep reading if you’re interested in hearing what we have to say.

The Pain Some People Experience

The harsher side of pregnancy is the fact that there are some women who experience quite a lot of pain. The amount of pain you will feel is not a reflection of the way that you are taking care of yourself in most cases, it just depends on your body. Some women struggle with feelings of pain more than others, and while it’s tough to deal with, we know that you’ve got this. If you speak to your doctor, they might be able to give you something to help take the edge off.

If there is a specific pain, then you can speak to a specialist and see if there is anything that they can do to help you get through. We know it’s tough, which is why chiropractic for pregnancy is a common service that is used, as a lot of the pain can be in the back and neck.

The Overthinking

When you’re pregnant, it’s normal to overthink, we promise. It’s not commonly talked about because we don’t like to talk about the issues that we sometimes experience while pregnant, but this just leads to others feeling alone. When overthinking hits, it’s okay to talk about what’s going on in your head, no matter what it is. Find someone that you trust to speak to, and tell them what you’re thinking about. It might be tough to say out loud, but sometimes you have to, even if you don’t really understand it.

The Lack Of Sleep

The final thing that we want to let you know is that the lack of sleep can start in pregnancy, not after your baby is born. Some women find it extremely difficult to sleep when they are in the later stages of pregnancy because they are not comfortable enough to do so. Sharing your body with a little baby sounds cute, but can be ridiculously uncomfortable if the baby decides to squish into your ribs, use your bladder as a basketball, or dance around like it’s going to be a ballerina. Prepare for those lost hours, and get back as many as you can, when you can.

Pregnancy is different for everyone, so just because your journey doesn’t look identical to Dianne’s on Instagram, that’s not necessarily a negative thing. Your journey is your own, and you need to stop comparing it to other people’s if you want to be happy. The more that you know about pregnancy and the realities of it though, the less alone you are going to feel.


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