Tips for Overcoming Writer's Block

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Writer's block can be highly frustrating for those who rely on writing as their career. It doesn't matter if you are a published author, copywriter, social media manager, or you simply need to write marketing copy to send an email to your clients. Writers can happen to anyone at any time and last from a few minutes to a few days, months, weeks, or even years in some cases.

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So how can you combat writer's block? What works for you can be different, and it can be a case of trying everything to get the creative juices flowing or doing nothing that gets things ticking again, but the following tips can help you to get things moving again.

Do Nothing

Don't force it. If the words aren't coming, then maybe stop trying to force them to come through. You can down tools for a short while, maybe 30 minutes or a few, but not completely. Stop thinking about what you need to write and do absolutely nothing concerning writing, words, or your area of expertise. In some cases, this can be all it takes. Push thoughts out of your mind, and distract yourself with something else.

Try A Word Generator

Word generators can help to inspire you. Even if you don't write about your topic or book, it can help you move past the block by giving you a word to focus on and start with no other expectations. They can give you one word or multiple words to help you move past the sentence and put together a short story based on the words from the word generator results.

Go For A Walk

Get out, get some fresh air and clear your mind. This can be a useful tool for any section, causing your stress and writer's block. Nature can be a wonderful healer and if your brain is feeling overloaded and can't figure out how to do anything, then let it bask in the great outdoors, even if it is just walking around your neighborhood. The fresh air combined with Vitamin D and exercise can be a mental boost that will help you push through your wordlessness and get those thoughts flowing again.

Read A Book

Inspiration comes from many sources; one excellent source of inspiration is other people's writing. So move away from the desk and grab a book. Get lost in someone else's words and journey and see if it solves your pressing issue. Remember, don't just read for the act of eliminating writer's block. Allow yourself to get engrossed in the story and be carried along for the ride. Getting your imagination going and fired up can be the best way to get the creative juices flowing.

Writer's block isn't fun, nor is it a finite issue meaning it can go on for a while if you let it. Avoid procrastinating, letting it affect you for too long without doing anything, and carrying out pointless tasks when you need to be writing. Actively working to overcome your block is the best way to break through and get over it.


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