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The longer you stay in your property, the more maintenance you’ll need to do. Maintaining a property can seem like a never ending job but it will pay off in the long term. Keeping your property in good condition and adapting to fit in with current trends is a great way to ensure you can sell your property whenever you see fit and it will sell for a profit.

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If you’re hoping to sell in the next few years, now is the best time to start preparing your property. Here are some guaranteed ways to add value to your home before you sell.

The Front Door

It’s often the last thing homeowners think of but it’s the first thing potential buyers see. Your front door sets the tone for the rest of the house. Make sure your front door is clean, the paint is new, and locks are secure.

If a potential buyer is walking up to a front door with flaked paint and locks that are obviously a safety risk, they’re going to walk into the property with low expectations. If you need to replace the door, do it as soon as possible and add accessories like a door plaque or hanging plant.

Replace Windows

Your windows are another quick giveaway when it comes to the state of your property from an external view. Most viewers will be able to tell if your windows are new or old. When they walk inside the property, they’ll also be able to tell if there are draughts or leaks coming from any of your windows. 

Home window replacement can benefit you and future buyers. Investing in new windows could help to lower your energy costs by keeping as much heat in as possible. If future buyers can see that your windows are double or triple glazed, they’ll know they don’t have to pay out for that expense.

Fix Defects 

There are many defects that can build up in a family home over the years. From stained walls to moldy sealant around bathtubs and much more. If you can stay on top of all of these defects, your home is more likely to be valued at its highest.

Make sure all paint cracks and peeling is fixed, along with any cracks in the flooring. Ask a plumber to take a look at any leaking taps or potentially damaged pipes. Fix any doors that aren’t working or squeak when used.


The way your garden looks will say a lot to potential buyers. If it’s well maintained, visitors will be able to see the potential and visualize themselves using the space. However, if the garden isn’t maintained, they may see nothing but a huge job ahead of them.

If your garden is overgrown or you find the space difficult to use, it can help to get advice from a professional landscaper on what type of design could work. A well maintained garden will also help to avoid unwanted pests near your property.

Heating and Air Conditioning

There are many ways a potential buyer will be able to spot a heating system that isn’t working properly. Firstly, if heat doesn’t reach your walls for long enough, the paint may start to look damp and moldy. This is very noticeable and an instant turn-off for potential buyers.

If it’s cold outside when potential buyers visit, they may notice that a heating system isn’t working when visiting the property and noticing that it’s cold. Investing in A-rated heating and air conditioning systems a few years before selling is a great way to attract buyers. Offer to show visitors your systems during viewings.

Energy Efficiency

More and more people are buying homes with energy efficiency in mind. They want to know that they can reduce their carbon footprint using what has already been installed into the property they’re looking at. For instance, people are looking at homes with solar panels or better access to clean energy.

Having smart technology in your home can help to attract this type of buyer. A smart thermostat can help you to control your heating and radiator options. This can help to reduce your energy bills significantly throughout the year.

Convert Your Attic

If you’ve got an attic or basement space that you could convert into an additional room, it could add a significant amount to the value of your property. Adding an additional bedroom can make a home more appealing for growing families who need extra space.

With more people working from home now, it can also make an ideal office space. You may need to make sure the room adheres to regulations before advertising it as an additional room for your property. For instance, there will need to be at least one window in the room for air circulation.

Freshen Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a communal room that everyone in the home uses. Because of this, it’s often one of the rooms that suffers the most wear and tear. Making some simple changes to your kitchen could give it a completely different look.

Painting the kitchen cupboards is ideal for freshening up your kitchen's look on a budget. You may also want to think about replacing your kitchen countertops or retiling your splashback. 

Remodel Your Bathroom

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the most used room in any home. It’s a room that should inspire tranquility and relaxation but it won’t do that if the shower is full of limescale and all the fixtures are outdated. Think about updating your shower or bath and the fixtures in your bathroom.

It can be costly to remodel your bathroom but it’s certainly worth it. Not only will you feel happier using your bathroom but it’s also attractive to any potential buyers in the future.

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