The Dead Hour: A Radio DJ Tells 12 Tales of Midnight Terror

Premiering worldwide May 12 - The Dead Hour. You can watch this 12 episode anthology series on various streaming services such as Tubi and Amazon. 

Terror Films makes the jump into the television business with this anthology series inspired by the Twilight Zone. Creators Daniel B. Iske and Scott Coleman took the best 12 story ideas from hundreds they came up with to present the viewer with this collection of terrifying tales; each episode featuring a different cast with the exception of the radio DJ played by Melissa Holder who introduces her listeners to each story. 

Episode summaries: 

Donor - what lengths would you go to for financial security? 

Alcoholic Vampire- A man struggles to fight his addictions and unique appetite. 

Cougar - a group of friends get more than they bargained for with the new woman next door. 

The Hole - A retired husband with a shovel and an unraveling secret. 

Cannibal Girls - a planetary event on 12/21/12 throws surviving humans into a battle of madness and survival. 

Fright Fest - an annual horror film fest might be a little too real for some viewers. 

Fame - a girl with a Hollywood dream will do anything to ensure people remember her name. 

Backseat - sometimes a trip to the backseat isn’t always fun and games. 

Inside Man - Tony’s crippling fears of the world around him may be the least of his worries. 

Gross Anatomy - Med students are in for a terrifying night of studying the cadavers. 

Hunted - Employees of a new start up business are on a fight for your life team building retreat. 

Android Bride - Building the perfect mate might not be so perfect in the end. 

Warning: viewer discretion is advised.


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