Here's What To Do If You Damage Your Teeth

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We should look after the health of our teeth as much as we look after their appearance. Having a great smile will show that you look after your teeth and also give you a boost of confidence.

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From considering cosmetic dentistry to getting a tooth replacement on the same day as your appointment, here are the best things to do if you damage your teeth.

Book a same-day appointment and treatment

If you unexpectedly damage your teeth and do not wish to walk around with a crooked smile or half a tooth, it makes sense to book a same-day appointment and choose a same-day treatment. 

You can enjoy same day teeth and walk out of the dental practice with a new smile. Instead of waiting around for new teeth and feeling a lack of confidence, you can return home feeling more confident and comfortable with your smile if you choose the right treatment. 

Minimize the pain

If you damage your teeth and it causes pain, ensure to attend to the pain so that you can feel more comfortable. 

When you experience acute dental trauma, it will help if you ice the area, eat soft foods, and keep your mouth clean. It will ensure no further damage is done before you see your dentist.

Cosmetic dentistry

If you do not wish to replace your teeth but instead, enhance them and fix them, it makes sense to have cosmetic dentistry. 

There are many options when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. You can get dental bonds that work to enhance your current teeth and straighten them, which can help if you break a tooth. Or, you could get invisible brace trays, which can help to straighten them too. If you have a broken tooth, you will require more than straightening. Fixing the tooth will ensure it returns to its normal appearance, which will help to boost your confidence. 

Gluing the fragment back

If you break a fragment of your tooth and still have it to hand, your dentist can help you glue it back and make it look like it did before. 

When you do crack your tooth, it will help if you tried to find the missing piece as gluing the tooth can be the easiest and most affordable option. If you damage your tooth and cannot find the missing piece, a replacement or cosmetic procedure will be the best answer. 

Filling the tooth

If you damage the internal part of the tooth, you might require a filling. Having a hole in your tooth is not comfortable and can cause pain. 

Therefore, it is best to fill the tooth. If the damage is further down, in the roots, it will help to seek root canal treatment. This will eliminate the pain and decay and ensure the utmost health for the future of the affected tooth. Filling and root canals are affordable ways to fix a tooth that has experienced decay or damage. 


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