Critical Things To Do Now That Will Protect Your Health In The Future


Pay money into a bank account now, and with some interest and a little luck, it will grow in the future. Yes, financial investments are not the only ones with which we should concern ourselves. After all, doing things now that will protect our health in the future is also highly worthwhile. Read on to find out more. 

Get your hearing checked 

Many people attend medical and eyesight checkups religiously, but then forget to get their hearing checked. However, detecting problems with hearing early on can make treating them, and minimizing any hearing loss much easier. 

The funny thing is that hearing tests are usually pretty quick and easy to do. Ear tests involve wearing headphones in a soundproof room and pressing a button when you hear a sound transmitted through them. 

The test is painless and takes around 15 mins, and you can book one with your local audiologist. 

Identify any disease risk factors 

One way to protect your health in the future is to be aware of any potential risk factors you may have for serious diseases. By being aware of these things you can both take action to minimize your risk, and be aware of any signs and symptoms as quickly as possible. 

Some risk factors will be based on your family history, for example, heart disease tends to run in families. While others like mesothelioma cancer may be based on exposure to certain materials such as asbestos during your life. Indeed, those that have worked in either the construction industries or the military may have a higher chance of being exposed to asbestos, and so should factor this into decisions regarding their future health. 

Make time to work out 

Time always seems to be at a premium, but you should think about the time you spend working out now as an investment in your future. Indeed, regular exercise is crucial to maintaining health because it provides so many advantages. 

One such benefit is that it provides pressure on the bones, which helps to maintain bone density as we age. Another advantage of regular exercise is that it helps burn off excess calories and so can help us maintain a healthy weight. Lastly, regular exercise can be excellent for our mental health too, as studies have shown. 

Eat 80 -20 

Finally, eating healthy can make a massive difference to our health both now and in the future. Yet, choosing healthy options can be a real challenge in today's busy world. Not to mention the fact that there are so many opportunities to eat less than healthy options when we go out. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to eat perfectly healthy food 100% of the time to reap the rewards. Indeed, experts suggest that eating a balanced diet which means eating well 80% of the time and treating yourself to the things you like such as ice cream or fries the other 20% of the time is the best approach. This is because it can help you psychologically as no food is ever off limits, which makes it easier to stay in the 80% healthy part the rest of the time. 


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