Advice for the Lead Up to Giving Birth


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If you’re getting ready to give birth, chances are you’ve finally got to grips with being pregnant and are fast approaching your due date. This can be a daunting time, as you know you’re about to go through a major process that will allow you to finally meet the little one who has been growing inside of you! 

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It’s exciting, it can be scary, it can be overwhelming. There are a host of emotions that can wash over you during this time. Many people find that one thing that can help them during this time is plenty of advice around what to expect and how to best prepare. This gives you more of a sense of control and understanding around the topic. Here are some pieces of advice that can really help with this!

Know Everyone Is Different

First, you need to be aware that everyone is different. Everyone’s experience of birth is different. For some people, it can be smooth, go entirely plan and remain positive. For others, it can involve more difficult or painful elements such as intrauterine fetal death. Sadly, nobody can know what the future holds for us and there’s no way to prepare for how your birth will go. You can take lots of precautions and prepare yourself as best possible, but ultimately, you will have to deal with each potential scenario you could be faced with, if or as it is presented to you. You shouldn’t feel any way in particular. However, you are feeling is right for you. Reduce pressure on yourself during this time.

Prepare Your Body

Knowing what to expect during the birthing process can help to give you more of a sense of calm. There are all sorts of birthing classes you can attend that will allow you to pick up everything from breathing exercises to mindfulness exercises that can help you to do things in a positive way once you are in labour. Get plenty of rest during the lead up to giving birth, as this will ensure that you are at least well rested.  You can also take antenatal exercise classes to strengthen your body.

Prepare Your Mind

This is a time where it is completely okay to be scared, nervous, overwhelmed or awash with any other emotion. Sure, this can be a beautiful, exciting and positive time, but it’s okay to experience negative feelings too. Talk about things. Discuss worries with your partner, family, friends, doctors or midwives if you are having any. Talking can really lift a pressure and help you along the way.

Prepare Your Birth Plan

As we’ve highlighted a few times, not everything always goes to plan, but you can create a birthing plan to communicate your preferences, wants and needs to your healthcare professionals. There are all sorts of options, ranging from c sections to hospital births, water births and more. Research them to find the one that will appeal to you the most.

Try to keep positive and do what you can to prepare yourself for birth. Each step can make all the difference!


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