4 Things You Need To Do For Better Customer Services


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Your business relies on selling products or services to keep it running. And those sales come from your customers. If your customers are unhappy or potential customers don’t get the care and support they need before making a purchase, you aren’t going to grow as quickly as you might like. 

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Your customer services are the key ingredient to increased sales? So what does that look like? 

What is excellent customer service?

There is a chasm between good and great. Good is a satisfied customer - great is a customer is a loyal, repeat buyer who talks about your brand. 

They have a positive experience with your company and want to buy from you again. Excellent customer service is so much more than good will ever be. 


You know your product works, and it has been tested countless times - but a customer is having an issue. They can’t get it to work in the way it is supposed to. It becomes the job of your customer services to solve the problem, offer a solution, and help the customer get what they are paid for. 

Sometimes this is an easy task, other times not - but what it takes is listening intently to the pain point. 


Contact forms, unreturned phone calls, and emails that take up to 48 hours to reply to hinder your customers from getting what they need from you. Instead, look for where you can automate the process for you and them. 

Your FAQ can only do so much; this is where a chatbot can make the most significant difference. 

Chatbots are preloaded with all the answers a customer could need, from how to use the product to troubleshooting. 

Chatbots offer customers the opportunity to get the answers they need without making a phone call, and often they get the information they need - and leave happy. 

Automating the customer service process means all communication barriers are lifted, and customers can get the information they need. 

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The difference between receiving ‘Hey customer’ and ‘Hi Elizabeth’ is huge. People like to be recognized by their name, and if you offer newsletters and sales emails, they should be personalized to what people want. 

In the case of a chatbot, perhaps one of the first questions should be to find out their name. 

Customers need to feel like they are more than just a ticket number and even less like they are in a queue to get attention and help. 

Make it your mission to only offer personalized interactions, right down to a birthday discount two weeks before their birthday. 


Does your customer need you to solve the problem - or do they need support from you while they solve it themselves? Most customers will try to fix the problem in multiple ways before they contact customer services - so be prepared to support people through the issue, and direct them to things that can help. 

Your customer service is the one place in your business you need to revisit often, test it, test it more, implement automation, and use the questions your customers ask to build a more robust service. 

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