Why Switching Up Your Breakfast Habits Can Be So Beneficial

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Breakfast is often considered the king of meals, and it’s for a very good reason. A solid, well-rounded breakfast can set you up for the day well, allows you to break the fast of sleeping for eight hours, and helps you enjoy a better mood for the rest of the day. 

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Not only this, but fuelling your brain can mean intensive work efforts like giving that presentation or working through those meetings is much easier to deal with. On top of that, those who skip breakfast are missing out on some truly beautiful foods and recipes that we don’t really eat at all other hours of the day.

Switching up your breakfast habits, however, is important from time to time. It can help you avoid constant reliance on tiresome cereals or the same rounds of toast each morning. It can also develop you as a home cook, as the cook who can’t whip up a unique breakfast is probably someone who needs to expand their repertoire.

Let’s consider, then, how you might go about this, and what the benefits even are!

Sharing Breakfast Brings People Together

They say that bringing your family together at the evening dinner table can be a great way to remain in contact with your growing adolescents or to encourage conversation between people each night. But the truth is that breakfast can also be a fantastic means of enjoying this at the start of your day, and sharing foods together, like beautiful homemade chilaquiles rojos served with care to everyone at the table, can only increase that sense of community.

High Protein, Healthy Fat Meals Are Best

It’s very easy to lean on high-sugar, high-carbohydrate breakfasts. Anyone who has enjoyed sugary cereals or staples like the full English breakfast can know how tempting this will be. But a carb crash or sugar rush is not always the healthiest way of starting your morning. This is why a worthwhile and high-protein, healthy-fat alternative, like the example listed before, or with great eggs, limited or low-carb breads, avocados, appropriate cooking oils, and vegetable smoothes can be so worthwhile. They help fuel your brain while also helping you avoid a crash before lunchtime. 

Texture & Flavor Profiles Can Differ

It’s also good to challenge your palate from time to time, if only to better understand what it is you like and where your preferences may remain. Texture and flavor profiles between American/Canadian and English breakfasts can be a nice comparison to make, as syrup, pancakes and other sweet items provide a baseline for some, while for others, beans, black puddings, and more can showcase the national taste. It’s good to overcome your sense of what breakfast can be, because then you can begin adopting small changes into your diet, like adding turkey and egg whites to your breakfast instead of large omlettes each morning. You can also add spices and textures to your dishes, like paprika over your eggs, allowing you to become a more refined home cook.

With this advice, we hope you’ll have fun switching up your breakfast habits. There are no tests to pass here, just go for that which is right for you.


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