Why Word Games are Good for Your Wellbeing


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We are all interested in our wellbeing, whether that means grabbing a fancy coffee throughout the day or making it to our yoga class once or twice a week. However, wellbeing doesn’t have to be challenging; you can improve it with a simple online game like Wordle - here’s how! 

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They Challenge Your Brain 

If you don’t use it, you lose it! Although this old saying seems like a cliche, there is a lot of truth to it; whether it’s muscles or synapses, if you don’t train them often, they start to decline and become inactive. That is why popular online games like Wordle are perfect for long-term health. 

In recent years Wordle has become a fascination on the internet; its simple lines, letters, and gameplay are oddly satisfying to complete, but they offer extra value that you might not realize. The Wordle logic challenges parts of the brain relating to reasoning, language, logic, and more. 

They Increase Your Vocabulary 

Have you ever been in a conversation that stalled because you couldn’t think of the right word to use? This is a common experience - it’s sometimes referred to as a tip-of-the-tongue syndrome, which means you know the word, but your memory can’t retrieve the correct one that you need.   

Increasing your vocabulary is a good way to build up your capacity for language and memory retrieval. Games like Wordle support this development, especially when played daily. So if you have a slow memory, or you want to sharpen your memory in general, play more jumble solver

The Improve Your Memory 

Speaking of memory, Wordle helps to improve your word retention and retrieval capacities, but it also improves your memory in general. With Wordle, you have to think of a word and play with other possibilities at the same time; this helps your brain develop its memory retrieval capacity. 

Depending on your aspirations, you might also want to write down some of the definitions of the words in the game, further challenging your brain to remember and recall information. When you don’t challenge your brain’s memory in a focused way like this, it can start to underperform.

They Provide Some Downtime 

Although games like Wordle are active and challenge your brain, they also provide some space in your life to breathe and relax. Whether it’s on your break at work, in the evening, or on the weekend, taking some time for Wordle is one way to unwind and process your daily stresses.

Focusing your attention in a gentle way - such as playing a game of Wordle - is a form of mindfulness that helps you to meditate on other aspects of your life. In this way, Wordle is excellent for your wellbeing and all you need in an internet browser - not a meditation cushion.    

They are Self Competitive

Sure, some word games are competitive - Scrabble, anyone? But competition doesn’t have to be against an opponent; it can be against yourself, which is sometimes more useful and more competitive as well. Competing against yourself means playing at your constructive limits. 


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