Top Tips For Moving House With Kids

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 If there is one stressful experience in life that most people have at least once, it’s moving to a new property. This is a stressful enough job without children, but when you have a few running around you will find that it’s one of the most stressful things that you can ever do. Trying to juggle packing a house and going to work and managing children? That’s a lot on its own so now imagine trying to manage kids while there are movers coming in and out of the house.

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Moving to a new property is supposed to be a happy occasion. It means you’ve either upgraded your house and you’re buying a new one, or you are expanding your space to make room for the whole family. You also have to clean the old house, clear the new house and hope that you can get everything moved in one piece without anything falling off the truck. Companies like SMARTBOX Solutions, Inc. are there to help when you are moving house, but no moving companies are going to be watching your kids while you move. That’ll be up to you to organize - and therein lies the stress. Here are some of the top tips that you need to make sure that it’s the least stressful time it can be!

  1. Before the move, host a family meeting and work out what you can do regarding childcare. If you have older kids, discuss the move with them so that they know what to expect ahead of them. When you prepare them for it, they won’t find it too hard to adapt. 

  2. Go and visit the new house. The week or two before you move into the new house, go and see it with the kids and the rest of the family. When you do that, you can show the kids their new rooms and get them excited about it. Talking about a move isn't real to a child, but seeing the house is going to help and you can ensure that everyone is ready for it. 

  3. Involve everyone in decluttering the current house. The children don't have to sit around and wait for you to do this - they can help! If the children are older, they can work through their toys and clothes and help you to get everything organized for packing. It’s a good way to keep them busy and out of the way in their rooms while you blitz through other areas of the house.

  4. Let the children write on the boxes. While they’re packing their things, you should think about getting the kids to decorate their own moving boxes. Not only will it be easier to get all of the boxes in the right places, it’ll be easy to get the kids feeling busy.

  5. Book a tour of the new schools. When children can see their new schools, they will feel like they have something to aim for when they move. There are new friends to meet, there are new people to get to know and that can take the edge off the nerves felt about moving to a new house.


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