How to Make the Most of a Family Weekend


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Have you ever noticed how Saturdays and Sundays are the days of the week that pass quickest? Many people live for the weekends and look forward to having those two days away from work all week long. But, when the weekend arrives, these two days seem to just pass in the blink of an eye. 

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As weekdays are so busy, you may find that you spend the entire two days catching up on chores and running errands. When weekends go past this fast, that Sunday night/Monday morning feeling is the worse, especially if you have been busy all weekend long and have had no time to relax. While it may be impossible to relax every weekend, setting aside at least one weekend each month where you can relax and enjoy family time is a great idea. If you are keen to enjoy a weekend of family time every now and then, these ideas should help you to make the most of it:

Clear Your Plans

If your weekends are always a rush of running errands, dropping the kids at different clubs, playdates, and birthday parties, having a quiet weekend probably sounds like an impossible dream. But, setting a date for your quiet weekend and ensuring that the whole family keeps it free is a great way to ensure you can enjoy it to the max and get some well-deserved downtime. You may want everyone to make a family time weekend a regular commitment with no other plans scheduled across those two days. Depending on your schedule, this could be something you do once a month or even try to do every weekend. The more often you can enjoy a family weekend without distractions, the better, But even if you cannot manage it too often, the most important thing is to make it special when you do get the chance to enjoy a weekend together.

Have a Lazy Breakfast

Weekday mornings are often a rush as you try to get the kids ready for school, yourself prepared for work, and everyone out of the house on time. During the mad rush each morning, you may even be too busy to grab any breakfast before you go about your day. But, a family weekend is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a leisurely breakfast and to indulge in some tasty food that you would never have the time to eat on a weekday. Your family weekends are the ideal chance to introduce some new breakfast foods and to experiment with some new recipes. One recipe that is ideal for a lazy weekend breakfast is French toast; try this crock pot french toast recipe to enjoy a weekend treat that is easy to prepare but tastes delicious.

Get Some Fresh Air

After a stressful week, it can be hard to let go of all the tension you are carrying and simply relax. Getting a change of scenery is an excellent way to distance yourself from the stress of the working week and will give you the breathing space to focus your attention on your loved ones away from everyday distractions.

Having the opportunity to get out into the fresh air and spend time outdoors has so many benefits for your health and wellbeing, so it is worth trying to get outside if you can. Whether you go for a bike ride or simply take a walk at the beach or local park, there are many ways to enjoy the benefits of being outside. Spending time outdoors is widely recognized as a great way to lower your stress levels and to calm your mind, so making some to get outdoors with your family over the weekend is really worthwhile, even if you simply sit out in the backyard and catch up with your loved ones.

Time to Chill

One of the most important parts of a family weekend spent together is having the time to relax and simply chill out in each other’s company. Relaxing together and planning a movie night at home with popcorn and snacks is an excellent way to enjoy each other’s company while chilling out. If you feel in a more competitive mood and want to have some fun while you relax, why not plan a family games night and challenge your fellow family members to take on some of your favorite games.

Having the opportunity to unwind and enjoy yourself is the perfect way to spend a weekend and an excellent opportunity to recharge your energy ready for the new week.


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