What's That Annoying Sound In Your Home? The Answer Will Surprise You


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If you live in a home that makes a plethora of strange sounds, you’re not alone. Most homes make banging, clattering and clunking noises from time to time. 

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For the most part, it’s not a concern. It doesn’t matter. However, sometimes it can be an indication that something’s wrong and you need to take action. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the annoying sounds in your home and what they mean.

Fridge Drone

Fridges aren’t silent. They can actually make a lot of noise. Usually it comes from the evaporate fan – a component that passes air over the coolant to help expunge heat into the atmosphere. 

If you're getting a bit annoyed hearing a whirring sound all the time, you can try tightening the bolts that fasten the fan to the refrigerator. This can sometimes stop the rattling. You can also replace the bearings in the fan if it has become worn over time. 

Vibrating Pipes

When hot water passes through the pipes in your home, it causes the surrounding metal to expand. As this happens, they can begin to vibrate, a way of them releasing much of the energy that they contain. 

If you have vibrating pipes in your home, try spraying them with insulating foam. This will help to keep the water inside hot or cold during transit, and it will also cushion the pipes so that they do not tap against other building components. 

Rattling Pipe Fittings

Along similar lines, you can also try cushioning your pipe fittings. You’ll notice that many of the pipes in your home are secured in place by U-shaped brackets. Unscrew these and then place a piece of cushioning material underneath them, before retightening them. This process should reduce annoying vibration noise. 

Dripping Sump Pump

When water drips into your sump basin from your drain tile, it can create an irritating dripping noise. You can hire a plumber to fit a string and a washer to prevent the pump from making this noise in the future. 

Pitter Patter Underneath Your Floorboards

If you can hear a strange scratching or pitter patter sound under your floorboards, it usually means that you have a rodent problem in your home. Fortunately, this is one of those problems that is incredibly easy to resolve. 

Terminix pest control for homes, for instance, uses various forms of extermination technology to remove pests. Quality providers also find the source of the pest invasion and fix it for you so that it doesn’t happen again. 

Slamming Toilet Seat

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Slamming toilet seats are annoying. In fact, they are so unpleasant, they are a leading reason why people often leave the lid up. 

These days, though, technology has an answer: slow-closing seat lids. With these, you don’t have to guide them down to prevent slamming. Instead, you simply tap them and they will close slowly on their own. That’s it!

Have you ever heard an annoying sound in your home? Don’t worry: as we’ve shown, nearly all of them are fixable with a little guile and cunning. 


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