4 Easy Ways To Be Mindful


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Living in the present is vitally important, but it’s not something that everyone is able to do. Mindfulness is about engaging with the present and enjoying it instead of worrying about anything and everything else that is happening. It can be a hard idea to get started with, but once you do, you’ll see that it is exactly how you should be living. Here are some easy ways to be mindful. 

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Listen To Your Breathing And Connect With Your Senses

Our breathing is a natural thing, so we often don’t really notice it. However, to be mindful, you need to pay attention to the smaller (if crucial) things in life, and breathing is one of them. Feel yourself breathing in and out; it’s like a mini-meditation and can make you feel a lot more grounded. As well as your breathing, it’s important to connect with all of your senses. 


When you are doing something, try to engage as many of them as possible. Touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell can all become ways that you can be as mindful as possible because when you are enjoying them, you are perfectly in the present. When you concentrate on your breathing or what something smells like or tastes like, you aren’t letting your mind distract you with a million other thoughts and ideas. It stops you from being overwhelmed. 


This is also the ideal time to take note of your senses themselves and to determine whether you are in peak condition. If you think your hearing might be damaged in some way, for example, you can learn more with an audiogram and get the help you need. Your health is a crucial part of being mindful. 


Eat Well 

When you eat on autopilot while watching TV or playing on your smartphone, you don’t really give yourself the chance to notice how gook the food tastes and smells, or even looks. What’s more, you’re also likely to overeat because you’re not paying attention to your body telling you when it’s full up. It’s far better just to do one thing at a time and enjoy it. When you are eating, that’s the one thing. Notice things about the food, slow down, and really taste it. It will make a big difference. 


Give Gifts 

Gift-giving is a wonderfully mindful thing to do because it means you’re thinking of other people and their happiness. Other people’s happiness directly relates to your own, so giving a gift will put a smile on everyone’s face. Whether you’ve bought your child a lovely stuffed animal, you’ve bought your spouse a gorgeous bunch of flowers, or you’ve brought donuts for your workmates, the feeling is the same. 


Go For A Walk

The simple act of going outside for a walk and really looking around you at what nature has to offer is a wonderful thing, and it sums up mindfulness very well. When you’re paying attention to your surroundings, you can also make sure you feel every movement of your body and understand a little more about how it all works. Notice how it feels when your feet connect to the ground and when your muscles move in your neck as you look up at the sky. It will take your breath away when you realize how perfect it all is. 


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