These Common Experiences Are Bad For Your Mental Health


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Everyone needs to look after their mental health, not just those who might have a mental illness. If you are concerned about trying to remain healthy in your mind, there are a lot of things that you might want to focus on in order to make sure you can achieve this. In particular, it’s wise to make sure that you avoid some experiences which are known to be bad for your mental health on the whole. There are actually quite a few of these, and most of them are very common, which often makes them harder to shun off. Here are some of the most important that you might want to consider trying to avoid as much as possible in your own life for the sake of your mind.

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Of course, trauma is not something that anyone ever wishes on themselves or causes to happen, so it’s not something you can choose to avoid that easily. But just having an understanding of how trauma can be bad for you can help you to lessen its effects, and inspire you to try and move on from trauma quicker and more fully too. Whatever the trauma that you have experienced, you should know how it is affecting your mental health, and do whatever you can to find help in overcoming and getting through it. That might include speaking to friends, seeking alternate therapies or speaking to a therapist, for instance.


There is a current epidemic going on quite apart from the covid one, although the two feed each other: we are referring to an epidemic of loneliness. Many people are experiencing a great deal of loneliness in their lives, and it’s something that can really drastically worsen your mental health in a very profound way. If you are having too much social distance because of covid, you might want to learn how to avoid loneliness while doing so. That should help you to keep your mind in one piece, and the knock-on effects will be noticeable and very welcome. Everyone gets lonely sometimes, but avoiding it is possible and well worthwhile.


Having poor sleep is one of the most troublesome things that can happen for your mental health. If you struggle with insomnia or any other such sleeping disorder, then it’s likely that it is affecting your ability to think clearly, regulate your emotions and manage stress. You should aim to sleep a little better if you are going to get a handle on that. This, however, is much easier said than done, and often it can be a case of trying to break a vicious cycle. Nonetheless, any small thing you can do towards that is absolutely going to be worth your while, whether it’s drinking less caffeine or exercising a little more in the afternoons. Whatever you can do to avoid sleeplessness, it’s bound to help you have a better control of your own mind and a better outlook, which contributes to stronger mental health on the whole.

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Work-Related Stress

So many people experience such high daily levels of work-related stress that they end up thinking it is natural to do so. However, it’s not natural and it’s not normal, and it’s something that you would be much better off without. If you have a lot of stress when you are working and you are keen to try and reverse that trend, then you might want to take a fresh look at the way in which you work, as it could be that your habits are the issue here. However you change it, having a better approach can reduce stress and can help you to have a much better mental health on the whole at work - which also improves your mental health in other areas of your life.

Sedentary Lifestyle

It is increasingly common for people to live sedentary lives, and this is something that can likewise affect your mental health quite profoundly if you are not careful. You should aim to move around as much as possible - it really does help to improve your mind, and your general mood, and you will find that you are going to struggle to have poor mental health if you are generally exercising a lot. Once you start moving around a little, you’ll find that it builds upon itself and before you know it you are much healthier in both your mind and your body, which of course then feed one another more and more. It all adds up, so it’s worth looking into.


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