Your Holiday is Booked With These Harper Collins Titles


We all know the feeling of waking up to find a gift waiting for us under the tree. The excitement, joy, and anticipation are hard to ever forget in the years to come. It’s an experience that’s hard to recreate because there are no words that can describe it.

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There's something about opening a gift that can be much more satisfying than giving one. There's also something about giving someone an experience rather than yet another possession. When you're gifting books for the holidays, what could be better?

Books are one of those few things we never get tired of. They're always there for us when we need them, and they can offer just about anything we're looking for: entertainment, knowledge, comfort. 

The colder months are perfect for getting cozy with a good book, and Harper Collins has some great fiction novels to gift the book lover in your life this Christmas. 

A suspenseful novel about suburban life where the most popular moms in the neighborhood find their most charming new bff with dark secrets. But things go wrong after they throw a Halloween party, where long-buried secrets resurface.

Get your holiday celebration off to a merry start with this heartwarming and sparkling novel about love and family.

All that Annie McCade and Tate Sheridan needed for Christmas was some little bit of magic that the ranch they’re staying on has plenty of. Add in some time with her young niece & nephew, and it’s not hard to see what they have is a holiday to remember.

This Christmas, try to escape into the world of USA Today bestselling novelist Sarah Morgan where you can share in the uplifting story of three women brought together by their shared fate. This novel is perfect for readers who like things with a touch of humor and romance.

This fantastic book tells the story of two sisters fighting for a cause in Germany during WWI. Written with a lot of heart, this powerful novel is inspired by real women from history. This is a profoundly moving story about the effects of the Great War on women, who persevered in hope in what was an incredibly difficult time. It is also about sacrifice and resilience. The bonds between women are unbreakable even when times are tough.

Booked for the Holidays Gift Baskets

One of my favorite ways to gift books is to include them in cozy gift baskets. They're simple, fun, and any book lover will love this easy-to-put-together gift.

This is a great way to make anyone's day. You can include any type of book in the basket and you can change up the contents depending on the occasion.

This gift basket is perfect for winter, but you can customize it based on your recipient's preferences. It features a warm mug for hot beverages, a cozy blanket to curl up in, a box of herbal tea, and a great read to get lost in. I've included this because it's cozy, comforting and just the thing for cold, winter days.

Soup is also a wonderful gift for Christmas. I like to include a soup mix in my gift baskets and make up a batch with the recipient in mind. For instance, if I am giving a gift to someone with 3 kids, I'll add an extra can of tomato soup and some pouch pasta. 

There is something about curling up with a good book in front of a fireplace or in your bed when it’s snowing outside that just feels so cozy and relaxing. It helps you forget about all your worries and all your problems.

Reading can be a very calming activity that can help you stay well-balanced and happy, which is what we all need during this stressful time of year. 

If you don't know what to get someone on their list, a book from Harper Collins might be perfect! 


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