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We all get a little bit stressed from time to time, but if you find that your stress keeps piling up, and you feel more overwhelmed and stressed every day, then there have to be some changes made.

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Our bodies are designed to deal with stress for a short amount of time, and that is why we have a fight or flight mechanism. However, the more stressed you are and the more upset you are, the more you will find your body is sitting in fight or flight mode all the time. This is not sustainable and can have long-lasting health implications.

So what can you do to help reduce your stress?


One of the biggest things about stress is that stress becomes a physical thing. We hold our shoulders tight, clench our jaws, and can often find you get tension headaches. This can be compounded when we sit on our computers working all day and have very little time to unwind. 

You need to take a whole-body approach to reduce your stress levels, and that means calling in a chiropractor, considering things like yoga or tai chi, and perhaps even finding stress support groups.


Millions of people are finding comfort and enjoyment in meditating. Although meditation is likely to bring a short-term stress relief option, it may only last for the rest of the day; the more you do it, the more you will notice your stress melting away.

Meditation doesn’t always come easy, and sometimes it can take time before you can meditate anywhere and any time.

Another great thing about meditation is it keeps you in the here and now, and instead of focusing on your problems, you’re more likely to focus on how you feel and your thoughts.


Creative sides are one of the fastest ways to unlock a less stressed version of ourselves. Think about it, when you are a child you often while away hours coloring or painting just for relaxing. It’s fun and makes children happy.

As we turn into adults, we often lose the ability to get lost in creative activities.

It might just be time if you feel your stress pilling up to grab a paintbrush or a pen and use it as some light stress relief. It’s not just about the action itself; specific colors are known to have a relaxing and calming effect on us. 

And some research suggests that creating the same pattern repeatedly like a geometric pattern is ideal for relieving stress.


When things get overwhelming, it is always important to look around, and everything you do has immense gratitude for it. It can be very simple things like being grateful that you have a matching pair of socks or some warm water in the morning. 

You can also be the more essential things like your blessings, work, and the people around you. People who are grateful for what they have often have lower stress levels, which can be a vital part of keeping your stress levels down.

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