Four Ways to Add Festivity and Delight at Your Christmas Celebrations


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Christmas is a time of celebration, but what can you do to make it even more festive? Here are four ideas that will help you bring the spirit of Christmas into your celebrations.

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1) Decorate Decorate Decorate

This is an obvious one. However, you can take this a step further by doing wreath making with your family if they are old enough or decorating gingerbread cookies together as well! If you have smaller children at home, there are plenty of easy ways to make Christmas more festive for them (and less stressful for yourself!) One way would be to make paper plate crafts like snowflakes, and Santa Claus faces. Another idea may be using cotton balls dipped in white paint as "snow" on the trees and window sills. Letting little ones personalize their own stockings will also add a special touch that says it's all about them! You could even use Christmas-themed edible items such as candy canes, candy corns, and sprinkles for some festive decorating. Use the candy canes to hang on your tree with a fishing line or thread them together to make wreaths. The candy corns can be used to top cupcakes, and the sprinkles could go on baked cookies!

2) Serve Delicious Food And Drinks 

Christmas is a time for celebration and feasting! So make sure to serve some festive food at your Christmas celebrations. Some great foods to try would be: roast turkey, plum pudding, nut roasts (if you are vegetarian), cranberry sauce, stuffing balls or dressing with gravy on the side, mashed potatoes with pan juices from meat as well as garlic butter in addition to cheese spread over it if desired or you can even learn how to make potato salad. Serve each dish piping hot along with a selection of fresh vegetables, including steamed green beans and carrots. For dessert, have mince pies which can include raisins soaked in rum or orange juice mixed together in one pie crust with brandy custard served inside another crust so that when you slice into the top layer, the filling oozes out yum! For drinks, serve mulled wine (mull everything in a pot and bring to the boil) or hot chocolate with whipped cream.

3) Plan Fun Activities 

Give everyone something to do! Make a list of activities and plan them all out ahead of time. Activities you could include are cookie baking, present wrapping, holiday trivia games (trivial pursuit is a great one), decorating gingerbread men.  Or other Christmas-themed cookies together as a family activity which would also be an opportunity for some festive treat eating afterward. Or play charades with funny Christmas movies as the hint cards such as Elf or It's A Wonderful Life.

4) Be Cheerful & Play Christmas Music

Be cheerful! If you are having a hard time staying in the holiday spirit, try listening to some classic carols or festive music. Another idea is decorating your house with a few tasteful but straightforward decorations such as garlands and lights, candles for mood lighting, and maybe even placing mistletoe above doorways. Hence, people have an excuse for hugs! Christmas is not only about being happy, though. It's also important to remember what this season stands for, which means that we must be charitable too. 

In conclusion,  there are many ways to make your Christmas celebrations festive and delightful. Of course, you could try out all of these ideas or just a couple, but either way, you will be sure to have a wonderful time.


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