3 Traditions You Can Start This New Year


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Are you looking for some great new year traditions to start this year with your friends and family? Look no further because we have three great suggestions to get 2022 off to a bang!

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The Wishing Tree

One of the most popular Christmas traditions in the United States is to put up a Christmas tree, but what if you are Jewish or Muslim? A Wishing Tree is an option for people who celebrate other holidays during the winter months.

The Wishing Tree is a holiday tradition that can be done any time of the year. It originated in 

Asia. It can be done with any plant or tree.  The tradition is called "sending your wishes to heaven" because leaves are used as paper for making wishes and prayers. So why not implement this as part of your New Year tradition with your family?

New Year's Eve Scavenger Hunt and Dinner

The New Year's Eve Scavenger Hunt and Dinner is the perfect way to create an unforgettable and fun experience for you and your loved ones.

Each team will be given a list of items to find to complete their scavenger hunt. Teams will have 45 minutes to complete their scavenger hunt before arriving at the dinner venue, where they will be served a delicious three-course meal at midnight.

Teams can decide on their own pace as they go around town looking for items on the list. This means that teams can simultaneously search for different things, which offers an exciting challenge. But, of course, the more creative and collaborative your team is, the higher chance of winning!

This activity will allow people to take a break from their celebrations to get out of their comfort zones. It also gives people the chance to experience new things that they wouldn't normally do.

Finish off the evening at a swanky venue - pre-booked, of course - no one wants to be trying to get into a restaurant without a booking on New Year's Eve! Alternatively, cook up a feast at home. Find out what everyone likes and do a vast buffet, not forgetting the traditional black eyed peas, a new years tradition!

New Year's Day Breakfast in Bed

New Year's Day is the best day to have breakfast in bed with your loved one. It is a tradition that many people enjoy. You can prepare breakfast in bed recipes or buy them from grocery stores. There are many options available for couples on New Year's Day.

The first step is to set up the bed with a tablecloth and some fresh flowers, then put on some music relaxing to the ears. Breakfast options could range from an omelette, pancakes, French toast, or something simple like cereal or toast with tea or coffee. A romantic breakfast in bed should not take more than an hour of preparation time for both parties involved. 

Spend some time talking about your hopes, dreams and plans for the year ahead before getting out of bed and throwing open the windows to let the brand new year into your home and your life. 


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