3 Means By Which To Feel Better Near-Instantly

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When feelings of lethargy, tiredness, unhappiness, sadness, ennui, sluggishness, stress or mere sadness come to greet you, it can be tough to get yourself out of that feeling, as if you had been caught by a wet net in the ocean and were being pulled into the trawler, carrying you off to nothing but a bad day.

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Of course, doing all we can to avoid negative emotion is not necessarily healthy. Negative emotion is a part of life, and can be a quite natural reaction to something that we have experienced or are currently experiencing. That said, sometimes, you need an emotional lift, as there’s no value in sitting in our lethargy or ennui for too long and suffering in silence.

To begin with, it’s best to make sure that these feelings, especially if they come frequently, aren’t indicative of a larger issue. A medical professional should be your first port of call, and you shouldn’t take any of the advice below as direct medical guidance. That said, if you need a simple pick me up, it might be that the simple strategies below could help:

Fix Your Posture

It’s important to fix your posture, both in the short-term by shrugging off our slouch and keeping our shoulders back and chest upright, as well as training our core strength over time and using good ergonomic furniture, so that we can more easily hold this position. Good posture helps you feel more alert, it helps you breathe more deeply, and it allows you to feel much less lethargic and tired. Exercise stretches, and of course, visiting chiropractors when appropriate can make a massive difference regarding your ability to do this.

Hydrate & Eat Something Light

Oftentimes, we feel moody because either we’re thirsty or we’re hungry and don’t realize it. This is why it’s important to hydrate throughout the day, with nice, fresh water kept at a good temperature. If you can, limit the amount of caffeine you take (green teas can make a great substitute to coffee), and eat a light snack when you need it, or cook more nutritious meals and eschew the junk food. It will make a tremendous difference in how well you feel throughout the day, and how you preserve your energy levels.

Get Some Fresh Air

Getting some fresh air is key towards helping you feel alert and together, especially if you’ve been trapped working from home for a while, or if the office is poorly ventilated, or if you’re just in need of a break. Fresh air coming into our lungs, breathing deeply (as if into our stomachs), can help us feel totally refreshed, as can using that as an excuse to go for a little walk or spending some time outside in nature. We’re wired to be outside most of the time, and our overly comfortable interior lives can sometimes provide us with a little bit of ennui. Resetting that a couple of times a day can make a massive difference, all for the better.

With this advice, we hope you can enjoy a little pick-me-up when you most need it.


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