When The Feeling Of Depression Doesn't Go Away


Everyone feels down in the dumps now and again; this is a normal part of life. But, depression is a different thing entirely. If you are gripped by hopelessness or sadness that seems unrelenting and is stopping you from doing your usual routine, it could be time to see a doctor. This is a sign that you are suffering from clinical depression, and it is not something that should be ignored.

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Are you wasting a doctor’s time?

 A lot of people think that they are wasting a doctor’s time by visiting them for help with depression. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Just because your illness is not visible does not mean that it is not important. Plus, nowadays, thanks to telemedicine software, you can have a consultation with your doctor via video link if you would prefer. The software they produce has been instrumental in allowing patients to speak to a doctor from the comfort of their own homes. Not only does this ensure you don’t feel like you are wasting their time, but you may feel a lot more comfortable talking about your depression.


Signs of depression 

Perhaps you are unsure as to whether you are even depressed? Let’s take a look at some of the main signs. Are you eating more or less than usual? If so, this could be an indicator that you are suffering from depression. This is because the condition leaves you feeling withdrawn, and this can often manifest itself as a loss of appetite. You may forget to eat or lose interest in cooking if your brain is preoccupied with negative thoughts.


Another sign that you are depressed is if you are sleeping too much or not enough. A lot of people find themselves snoozing under the covers a lot more when they are depressed. This is because the dip in energy and disengagement they are feeling makes them tired all of the time. Sleeping is also a way for people to escape from the negative emotions they are feeling. On the other hand, there are those that suffer from insomnia, interrupted sleep, or restless sleep because of depression. This is because their obsessive thoughts won’t allow them to rest. Some people find that Kratom powder can help them feel more relaxed so they can sleep.


Have you also noticed that small things agitate you? Heightened irritability is a sign to look out for. You may snap at your co-workers or friends, you may feel a little grumpy and cranky, and things may be setting you off that usually wouldn’t. This prickliness could be occurring for a number of reasons, including the weight of so many heavy emotions and the fact that depression exacerbates typical hormonal swings.


Finally, if you cannot focus or concentrate, now would be a good time to book an appointment with a doctor. When people are depressed, they can often experience a fuzziness, which impacts their ability to make decisions. It often feels like your mind resembles a photograph that is out-of-focus. This can start impacting your job and key life decisions you make, so it’s not a good idea to bury your head in the sand.


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