Outsourcing And Why It Is The Perfect Solution For You


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When you hear the word outsourcing, you’re probably drawn to thinking about the “big outsourcing” functions: research, quality auditing, testing, and marketing or PR. But all of these things and more can be seen as just one element of the outsourced function.

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Farmers use agencies to test the PH of their soil, and photographers use lighting specialists to ensure that they’re capturing the right kind of light for their projects.

So who do you think that you don’t need an agency to help you drive your communications goals? Or do you really believe that you’re getting the very best out of your internet traffic and client conversions? Now we don’t know at what level your online and digital marketing is sitting at. Still, we’re pretty sure that you don’t have the time to create activations campaigns that will drive traffic to your website, only to then still have to embark on activations drives that will separate the “wheat from the chaff,” as it were? Data processing and dissecting - got the time for that too?

Let me put this to you another way? If multinationals use specific agencies for these functions, you probably should be looking at it too.


You wouldn’t hire a mechanic to do your landscaping, right? So the same should be said about your digital marketing and your online presence.  Here are the facts: there are upwards of a 500million users online at any given point in time. It would be tempting to think that they’re all after your product or service, but they’re not (sorry, the guys at Pornhub get to make that claim), but that’s precisely the point. How do you access the next couple of hundred million, and how do you make sure that you’re accessing the right kind of internet consumer?


As annoying as you may (or not) find the armies of pretty young things constantly banging about with selfie-sticks and duck faces everywhere, it’s these young people that have inadvertently become some of the best product or service activators that brand/product managers could have wished now.  Through their constant #bestlife posts, they’ve amassed thousands of followers and, in some cases, millions, and it’s big business.  Social media and marketing agencies are paying them big to use them to drive traffic to critical websites. One mention of your website, product, or service is enough to send a flurry of their fans in your direction, and so yes, they are worth looking into.


Great question, so it’s lovely having these thousands of new “feet” heading towards your online presence, but what do you want from them when they’re there? And this is where agencies that deal with the client and product activations and call-to-action campaigns can be beneficial.

Beware, though, not all agencies are created equal, and you don’t want someone that just will dump a million users on your website and then send you the bill for the privilege. You want an agency that is going to find the right influencers for your business, then make sure that the traffic sent to you has been activated “vetted” and are specifically looking for your type of product or service, and that who can convert their presence there into a “contact” which in turn could become a sale.

It’s all about holistic care at this stage, and if you find the agency that will find you the models and offer all of the other services, too, you’re in jackpot territory. We like Unruly - check them out.

If you’re in the league where this conversation is starting to make sense - well done, this is something to celebrate; let us know how you get on.


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