Top Tips From Women Already Making Big Jobs Work With Big Families


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The narrative that mothers can’t have it all is outdated and, let’s face it, way off the mark. After all, high-achieving moms in America’s boardrooms (think YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki and Newton Investment Management’s Helena Morrissey), are already proving that it’s possible not just to work bare minimum as a mom, but to continue bossing even high-achieving professional roles. 

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By setting clear boundaries, and remembering that women CAN have the best of both worlds, you, too, could hold down a big job alongside your big (or even small) family. We’re going to help you do precisely that by considering how those women manage to make their big jobs and family life work together, and how you could too. 

Targeting transferable skills

While parenting/work skills transfer most obviously for doctors or other care roles as discussed at, even seemingly unconnected jobs and parenting duties have more in common than you might think. Realizing this means that you should reach a stage where you don’t feel the need to necessarily separate your work/home headspace as much as you do right now. After all, for management roles, especially, you’re effectively managing teams at home and at work. By using the same techniques (or even testing them out at home before you head out for the day), you can thus perfect your processes, and juggle all of your balls, in one seamless, and hopefully high-achieving, package.

Delegation over compromise

Far from needing to ‘do it all’, moms who delegate in all areas are far better able to hold down even demanding roles. At home, this most obviously means shared parental responsibility, chore rotas, etc. that simplify household management. This frees up time to consider delegation at work which, whether you’re in a high-paid office job or are a top-performing lawyer, will generally involve focuses including PR outsourcing through companies like, outsourced IT management, and maybe even third-party reception teams, etc. By getting both delegation focuses right, moms are far better able to achieve all-important work/life balance, regardless of the size of their families, or the pressure of their roles.

Focus on the future

In big business, focusing on the future is important for everything from building your brand through to promotion. At home, too, a focus on the best possible future for your kids is commonplace. Even if the challenges of balancing young kids and demanding work roles are difficult to juggle, a focus on the positive influence that working mothers, in particular, have been proven to provide for their kids can therefore be all of the fuel necessary to get through. And, when you work hard with the future insight, you’ll soon follow these tough days of sleepless nights and back-to-back meetings with a career that goes from strength-to-strength, and an inspired brood of determined youngsters behind you.

No one said that maintaining a highly professional role and raising a family would be easy, but nothing worth having ever was. The question is, are you willing to put in the work necessary to feel the long-term benefits of a big job and a big family?


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