Tips for Staying Healthy in Heat & Humidity


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For many people in many different parts of the world, it’s been a tough summer and it’s not over yet. The humidity will linger on for a while longer for lots of us, and finding the right ways to adapt and stay healthy when the heat and humidity levels are both high is very important indeed. We’re going to talk today about some of the things you can do to stay healthy in the heat and humidity.

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Wear More Breathable Clothing

If you’re going to look after your body and your health when the temperatures are through the roof, you need to make sure that you’re wearing the right type of clothing. Wearing breathable clothing makes it a lot easier for you to feel comfortable and reduces the likelihood of overheating or heat stroke. Those are common issues when the temperature is high, so think carefully about your clothing choices.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is certainly one of the most important things of all when it comes to staying healthy in the heat and humidity. You can’t afford to allow yourself to become dehydrated when it’s hot. And you’ll likely also be losing a lot of water through sweating, so drinking plenty of water and doing so continuously throughout the day will be vital to your health.

Consider How Important Devices Might be Impacted

For people who rely on medical devices of various kinds, extra precautions need to be taken when humidity levels are high. For example, we know that humidity damages hearing aids. And if you let that happen, the performance of your hearing aids and the quality of your hearing will decline because of that humidity issue. So take extra care to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Stay in the Shade

Where you place yourself will have a big impact on how hot you are. If you’re sitting by a window while working and the sun is beating down on you, you’re going to feel less comfortable and be more likely to overheat. That’s why it’s best to stay in the shade, whether that’s outside or inside. Direct exposure to the sun is never a good thing when it’s hot and humid.

If You Need to Spend Time Outdoors, Try to Do it in the Morning

Ideally, you should spend as much time as possible inside when it’s hot and humid. But if there are ever times in which you need to go out or spend more time outdoors, you need to make sure that you’re doing it at the right time of the day. The temperatures won’t be as high early in the morning, and they’ll be at their worst in the early afternoon.

Staying healthy in extreme heat and humidity isn’t easy, but it makes sense to learn how to adapt and to make sure you’re keeping an eye on your health and wellbeing even through the toughest times. Failing to do so will only make the situation worse and even more difficult to deal with.


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