5 Tips To Help With Overwhelm



Life can get pretty nutty - whether that’s with children, careers, friends, or y’know, a global pandemic. If you don’t find yourself overwhelmed every now and then, you’re a very lucky person. If you’re one of the many, however, you might find yourself struggling with what’s on your plate at that moment in time.

It can be easy to fall into old patterns at that point - be it having an extra glass of wine in the evening or despairing each night until the early hours. If you want to change those habits, take a look at the five ideas below for how to deal with overwhelm. 

1. Journal 

Writing things down doesn’t sound like a lot, but it can make a huge difference. By scribbling down your thoughts and worries at some point in the day, you can commit them to paper rather than having them run around in your head. If you find it hard to sleep when you’re worried, consider doing this before you go to sleep, almost like downloading your thoughts. And if you pick up a pretty notebook, you might just want to do this more. 

2. Meet new people 

This may not be your idea of taking a load off, but sometimes, interacting with new people and having different conversations can put your life into perspective a little bit. You could just go about meeting new people in, say, a coffee shop. If, however, that seems a little intimidating, then you can use an online site such as chatlinedating.com. After all, there’s nothing like a little excitement to make the day go quicker! 

3. Get talking 

Much like writing, telling a partner, family, or friends about your problems can help you put them into perspective. If you feel comfortable, seeking professional help by way of a therapist can also be extremely beneficial. Nowadays you can find one online, so you can get help with your mental health from the comfort of your own home. By verbalizing how you feel, you can sort through what’s going on, and it even allows other people to offer to lend a helping hand. 

4. Accept 

This leads nicely onto the next tip - when someone offers help, accept it. Struggling for the sake of struggling is not necessary and martyrdom isn’t a good thing to teach your children. So, if someone notices you’re having a tough time and offers to help you out at home, at work, or with your kids, learn to accept help. It doesn’t mean you’re weak, it means you’re strong. 

5. Try meditation 

Meditation and mindfulness are everywhere for a reason. These practices can work miracles, particularly for those prone to feeling overwhelmed. You can try meditation and mindfulness through apps that will guide you through the whole process. Incorporating daily practice can significantly lower stress levels and generally help your wellbeing. After some time learning mindfulness, you may realize you have fewer moments of feeling overwhelmed!


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