Using a PR Agency For Your New Startup

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 Managing a brand new startup can seem overwhelming initially and there are many benefits in hiring a PR agency to manage and help grow your brand. A well-researched public relations strategy can be successful in ensuring your startup idea gets to the next level and generate sales growth. 

First, and foremost, you need to identify what makes your startup unique. Establish what sets your business apart from all the competitors in your niche. A PR team can use that advantage to drive business to your brand. Maybe you cater to specific clients, or there is a unique theme to your overall business model. Identifying the ways in which your business stands out above the rest and marketing it appropriately will drive potential customers, along with their time and money, in your direction. 

Once you've identified what makes you stand out above the rest, it is time to get your startup seen by all the proper people. PR agencies use various methods of building brand presence and increasing growth. You will be able to choose what works best for you and your brand, and your PR agency can assist you in executing these options. 

Among the services that are proven to grow many brands is generating a buzz via word-of-mouth, and particularly utilizing social media to reach a specific audience. A public relations team can reach out to influencers in your niche who can advertise your startup to their following. Influencer strategy may be a quick and effective way to reach thousands and even millions of potential customers. Your public relations team can combine influencer strategy with a high-profile giveaway. Allowing potential customers an opportunity to try out your product or service and sharing their opinion also will generate buzz. This goes beyond just influencers because the giveaway winners often proceed to recommend you to friends and family outside of social media. 

PR agencies like Brandstyle Communications can pitch your ideas to journalists who are always looking for a story on up and coming companies. Press coverage is an efficient way to get credibility with the general public. High-profile sites like Huffington Post are viewed by many thousands of potential customers per day. Your public relations team will find the best high-profile publications to assist in generating traffic to your website and convert those views into sales. Getting your website link placed in news publications with a high domain authority will help establish the quality of your site and increase your own domain authority in Google rankings. 

In addition to back links from high authority domains, SEO - or search engine optimization, is crucial in getting your business website seen on search engines. Utilizing keywords that your potential customers use to find specific products and services will also gain you better rankings. 

Overall, hiring dedicated group of PR and marketing professionals to generate awareness, build your reputation, and drive growth to evolve your business is well worth the money and have been proven to work as an extension of your company's abilities. They will work with you every step of the way to ensure successful growth campaigns. 


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