Pandemic Parenting: How To Ensure Your Kids Are Handling Things

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 It’s reasonable to say that when the Covid pandemic hit, most of us expected it to be at least over as a crisis by now. The thought was that we would be on to implementing lessons learned and relaunching things that went on hold in 2020. As adults, we’re fairly used to the fact that sometimes what we were led to believe doesn’t come to pass, but for kids, this has to be a confusing time.

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While school closures have been the main focus of media looking at how the pandemic has affected children, it’s fair to say that most kids have understood why school took a break, and most of them are now back in classrooms. But there has been a lot more to the pandemic than just the lockdowns and social distancing, and it is useful once in a while to evaluate how your kids are dealing with everything, and remind them that they only have to ask you if they have any concerns or doubts about the future.

What do kids really need to know right now?

The only things that kids really need to know in times of upheaval are:

  1. Am I going to be OK?

  2. Are you (my parents, family, loved ones) going to be OK?

  3. What’s going to happen next/how will my life be affected?

The short answer to any of these questions is, for the most part, that things will be fine in time, but it’s going to need a little more patience for some things. The longer answers will be addressed in the points below.

Keep your personal concerns under control

It’s reasonable to be a little frustrated that the pandemic has gone on so long, and anxious to experience life as you did before it began. However, anxiety and frustration are signs that will transmit to kids as clues that you aren’t in control. What they need at this point is a grown-up to tell them things will be fine, and that needs to come from a place of confidence in yourself. So keep in mind that things are getting better slowly, and we’ll get there eventually.

Pay attention to their education

The pandemic has changed the way kids are learning, and the opportunity for distance and hybrid learning in K-12 schools has meant that even while they weren’t physically in school, kids have been getting an education. It is worth speaking to your kids and finding out what they like and don’t like about different ways of experiencing lessons. This is information that will be important and useful in their education going forward, and will enable you to reassure your young ones about what the future holds for them.

Talk openly and find out what they know

The duration of this pandemic has meant that it has been a central news story for over a year, which is a long time in our adult lives, but even longer for kids. They will have gaps in their understanding of the crisis, because everyone does, and it is important to see where those gaps are and what is currently filling them. They may hear, from other kids or from unfiltered media sources, some stories that are less than true. By speaking to them, you can find out if they’re being fed falsehoods which could do them more harm than good.


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