Tips For Better Sleep Hygeine

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 Many of us go about our daily working lives on not enough sleep. Poor moods, headaches, dizzy spells, fatigue and lack of concentration are all key components of bad sleep.

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Experts say 7-8 hours is best but many of us deal with 5 or 6 or even less. Anxieties, depression, pressures at work and more all contribute to a bad sleep cycle, therefore there are ways to make your sleep cycle healthier. We know that this may seem easier said than done. It is believed that millions of us are sleep deprived daily which can lead to physical and mental issues therefore you need to make some changes. Here are some tips to improve your sleep:

Write a night diary

Even if writing is not one of your favorite activities, pouring the day's events into a sleep diary for a few minutes every night in the bedroom can greatly help you fall asleep quickly. In the very act of writing we give shelter to all those troublesome thoughts about the past day and life in general, which keep sleep out of our eyes. Writing purifies the head and the mind. 

Natural sedative pills

The Simple breathing techniques 4-7-8 signed by Dr. Andrew Weil from Harvard University and is supposed to send you to sleep within 60 seconds. Dr. Weil calls the method a "natural sedative for the nervous system" and claims that it helps you fall asleep quickly, because it fills the body with large amounts of oxygen that make it relax. Breathing techniques are good, however you may also want to try lavender, camomile and anything that your pharmacist recommends. This can naturally help you get to sleep and stay calm.

A light bulb?

This special light bulb was developed in collaboration with NASA, no less, to help astronauts in space - where the perception of what night is changes because the space vehicle orbits the Earth several times a day and the feeling of weightlessness disrupts the system of sleep and sleep. Blue light emitted from screens and bulbs is known to greatly affect the biological clock. This bulb affects the production of melatonin in the body - the hormone known as the "sleep hormone". While regular bulbs have high levels of blue light, this bulb has a filter (registered patent) that reduces blue light by 50% - and it helps the body get into the right rhythm for sleep, fall asleep faster and sleep longer. Blue light can also give you headaches and affect your blood pressure. Therefore it is important to look at some other things to help. You may want to try compression socks also in bed which can be helpful to your health. In this case, you can look at this source.


A popular genre of YouTube videos is something known as ASMR. It is also known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. From whispers, to certain soft noises, it can relax the brain and body and allow you to relax.  It can also cause “tingles” which make you feel relaxed. This can most definitely help you with your sleep. 


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