Kids 'N Pets: The Best Instant All -Purpose Stain & Odor Remover


Accidents happen and carpeting is expensive, so you want an easy and quick way to spot clean those accidents even if they have sat there for a little while. If you have kids or pets at home the perfect solution is literally called: Kids 'N Pets. 

Product gifted in partnership with the Scott’s Liquid Gold Company

Between family road trips, yard sales, thrifting trips, and various other activities, we aren’t home much during the days in the summer.

It’s better to leave our pup at home most of the time where there’s air conditioning and he has plenty of food, water, and cozy furniture to nap on. However, since he’s a “free range” dog, we often come home to an accident on one of the rugs. That’s all fine, because we use Kids & Pets Instant All Purpose Stain & Odor Remover.

This super handy spray uses special enzymes that eliminate the common odors and stains around the house and on clothing. It's completely non-toxic and breaks down stains like urine, grass, blood, coffee, etc, while also eliminating odors. This cleaning spray is perfectly safe to use on clothes, bedding, rugs, furniture, floors, litter boxes, pet cages, and more. You can even use it in your car on your upholstered seats. This spray comes ready to use, meaning it works straight from the bottle, no need to dilute it. You actually want it full strength to really get those pesky stains and odors out. Spray it on your area, let sit for 5 minutes, and pat dry with a white rag to get rid of stains or leave it to air dry if you are tackling odors. You'll want to allow more time for set in stains, but that's all there is to it! 

I have a spot cleaning machine as well as a full size carpet scrubber and both are a real hassle to haul out, fill with solution and water, and go over areas not once (shampoo), but twice (rinse). I still do this at least once a month or so, but with Kids 'N Pets Instant All-Purpose Stain & Odor Remover I can tackle those stains much quicker and easier in between deep cleanings. Speaking of carpet cleaning machines, Kids 'N Pets is 100% safe to use in your carpet cleaning machines as well! 

Note: Kids’n’Pets may not remove stains that result from artificial colors or dyes.

Kids N Pets is available in retail stores throughout the US such as Amazon, Chewy, Home Depot, Walmart, and more. 


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