Answer These Questions To Find A Fun Fitness Routine That Fits Your Lifestyle

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 What’s the main reason that people fail to stick to their workout routine? Is it because they don’t have time or it’s too hard? Sort of… It’s because they pick a routine that isn’t compatible with their lifestyle. 

Some people have the time to hit the gym every morning for hours and lift heavy weights. Some people already have enough base fitness to deal with an intense workout routine. But some people can’t fit those kinds of workouts into their lifestyle and if they try, they struggle to keep up with it. Time gets the better of them or they realize that it’s too difficult for them, which kills their motivation and they give up on it. 

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The good news is, there is a workout out there for everybody, you just need to find the routine that is compatible with your lifestyle. If you ask yourself these simple questions, you will be able to find the perfect routine. 

What Are Your Goals?

It all starts with your goals and many people make the mistake of choosing goals they think they should have, rather than the things they actually want to achieve. For some people, it’s about losing weight and toning muscle, for others, it’s about improving heart health and reducing the risks of disease. But it might not be about any of that stuff for you, it might be about improving your mental wellbeing and relieving stress instead. If you are not honest with yourself about your goals, all of the decisions you make about your workout routine will be wrong, and you’ll struggle to stick to it. 

How Fit Are You At The Moment?

This is another vital question because pushing yourself too hard is not the way to get results. If you start on a workout routine that is beyond your capabilities, you risk exercise injuries and you will be disheartened when you struggle to finish the workouts. This is a long-term change you are making, so it’s best to start slow and you can build up to those tougher workouts later on. For now, be honest about how fit you are at the moment, even if that means starting with a short walk each day because you haven’t done any exercise before. Remember, something is better than nothing, so don’t be hard on yourself if you have to start with the basics. 

How Much Time Can You Realistically Dedicate To Exercise?

The word ‘realistically’ is the important one here. So many people commit to doing a workout every single day and then they get to Wednesday and realize that they really don’t have time, so they give up on the whole thing. This is especially common for moms with a million things to do, but even though you don’t have much spare time, there are still workouts you can do. There are some awesome fitness blogs for moms with great workouts that even the busiest parents can do. If you only have time to do half an hour once or twice a week, that’s what you should do. Again, something is always better than nothing and you can still do a good workout in a short space of time if you push yourself. Being realistic about how much time you can dedicate to exercise means that you will create a routine that is manageable. Once you start trying to fit too much in, you’ll end up missing workouts and then the whole thing falls apart. 

What Do You Enjoy?

Did anybody ever tell you that exercise doesn’t have to be a chore? So many people force themselves through workouts they don’t enjoy and then they wonder why they find it so tough to stay motivated. Failing to consider what you actually like doing is a big mistake and one that makes it almost impossible to maintain a health routine. The good news is, there are endless ways to stay active, so if you hate the gym or running, start looking at something else. Are there any sports that appeal to you? What about yoga or swimming? Some people need to try out a lot of different things before they find something that works and that’s fine. Just remember, exercise should be fun and if it’s not, you should give something else a go. 

A lot of people fail to meet their fitness goals because they haven’t asked themselves these questions when building their routine. But as long as you answer each of them honestly, you can build a fun fitness routine that is compatible with your lifestyle. 


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